Why does the wait feel so long

Please excuse the user name, I drew a major blank and didn’t think it would actually save :joy: I’ve sat and read through many other posts in this forum and everyone seems so lovely, I’m not really sure why I’m posting, I think mainly to stop myself from worrying/ searching other people’s posts.
At the beginning of December I started with pain at the side of my right breast felt like it was radiating to my armpit, thought nothing of it was more a dull ache than pain. Fast forward a few weeks it started on the left side. Again thought nothing of it, just thought I might have lifted something too heavy or picked something up funny. The dull aches continued on and off nothing in particular setting them off. Then at the beginning of January I had a sharp stabbing pain from my right breast to arm pit, I rubbed the area to try an ease the pain and found a small moveable pea sized lump - not painful to touch. A few days later made an appointment with my GP, The GP said they were not overly concerned by the pain or lump but made a referral to be seen at the breast clinic. I had my appointment through on 25th January for the end of February. I’ve since had pain radiating down my right arm, updated the GP but again they aren’t overly concerned. So this puts my mind at ease, plus there doesn’t seem to be a major rush for my breast clinic appointment so this all seems reassuring. I’m not a panicky person at all but at the minute I keep finding myself in a complete panic thinking but just what if, I’m driving myself crazy between thinking I’m absolutely fine then the next I’m not. The wait is driving me crazy and I can’t wait for it to be over. I’m 30 with no family history of breast cancer. My mum and one friend know I’m awaiting the clinic appointment, but I just don’t want to worry them with my worry, so I thought I would rant to you guys instead! P.s I am sorry for the rant xx


Hello xxx

Welcome to the forum.

Many people who post here say that waiting between appointments seems to drag on forever. Obviously you are anxious about what might be causing your symptoms. It is difficult to stop thinking about the worst case scenario isn’t it? Please try and be kind to yourself while waiting for your appointment. Find time to do things you enjoy that will keep you calm but busy and help the time pass.

I hope they are able to put your mind at rest at your next appointment. Please do come back and let us know how you got on.


Thank you scientistamafier for reading & replying. I will try to keep myself busy, I work full time and I have a daughter so times are typically all go go go anyway but it’s in the quiet moments when your mind wanders. I do try my best to stay positive, chances are it’s nothing but in those odd moments I drive myself insane :woman_facepalming:t4:
2 and a half weeks to go … xx

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Oh the waiting plays havoc with your brain!!! I do so understand! My daughter in law found a moveable lump in her 20s (she’s 38) which was nothing to worry about and the doctor called a breast mouse!! She had freaked out so much finding it that she said at least it should have a name like breast tiger - it had frightened her so much!
I had very early BC last year - my prognosis was very good and the guy was very clear and reassuring. But then I had an extra week waiting for biopsy (because doc was away) then after surgery 2 weeks extra delays added to the 3 week wait for results….Aaaargh! I had time to imagine every worse possible combination of outcomes! Turned out fine - as doc had predicted! King Charles doesn’t have this problem - no wonder he looks so calm!
Walks with a good friend and/or dog were good therapy for me in the wait! You want someone who listens well and doesn’t keep saying ‘it’ll be fine!’ - ‘cos that’s really irritating!!
I’ve gone on a bit - I just know how you feel! You could try ringing one of the nurses for reassurance? No question is a silly question. Good luck


Oh Geeps I’m sorry your daughter in law had a scare but the tiger comment did make me laugh so thank you :joy:
I’m sorry about your diagnosis but glad everything is looking good for you.
Oh gosh the King has sparked a lot of debate hasn’t he, but yes he wouldn’t have the worry of waiting because he wouldn’t have to wait a day in his life for anything he needs.
But from reading everyone’s comments it’s the waiting and not knowing that frightens everyone the most. Getting out with the dog is normally my way of letting off steam and clearing my head, but I’ve been letting the side down lately and need to give myself a good kick up the back side. Thank you for your reply means a lot xx


It’s good to talk to people who have had similar experiences - and everyone here has experienced the agonies of WAITING. (For me, a work colleague who’d had BC 5 years previously helped me more than anyone else - I’d had no idea she’d had it.)
Please let us know how you get on…and, just in case you are, NEVER be tempted to feel embarrassed afterwards for feeling like you’ve made a fuss about anything - for the waiting worry is real and painful in itself whatever the outcome. (In my own case, I came to terms very quickly with my diagnosis once things got in motion and coped much better than I thought I would!)
Be kind to yourself - it’s a painful experience.
I’m taking the dog out right now and we’ll discuss things - she always agrees with me!!


Hi xxx
Don’t ever apologise for your ranting, that’s the purpose of this forum.
We’ve all been there.
Hope you don’t have to wait much longer.
Keep us posted.


The waiting is really hard and until you get checked out your worry will continue, it’s just human nature.

I wish your GP had escalated the appointment (purely to save you the worry) is there any way they can find an earlier appointment? It’s a long time to wait.

I would advise you to ring and ask for a cancellation or get your GP to ask (describe your symptoms and they should be supportive). Sometimes you got to escalate to be heard.

Right now it could be nothing but one thing I have learned is your body can even fabricate symptoms with worry and the sooner you get checked out the better.

Hope all goes well and it’s a false alarm x

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Hi xxx,

Waiting for appointments and results is absolutely torture, coupled with a bit of searching and self diagnosis on Dr Google, we can send ourselves into a right frenzy!

Please try to take a breath (hard isn’t it). You say your GP isn’t overly worried and that’s a good sign. Most breast lumps are completely benign and breast cancer isn’t usually painful so in all probability you have something else going on.

You’ve done the right thing getting checked out. Just because you’ve been referred to
The breast clinic doesn’t mean you have breast cancer. They refer everybody just to get checked out.

Try not to worry too much. You just simply don’t know until you know, but you have a good chance that you’ll be fine. Remember even if they do biopsies on the lump it doesn’t mean you have cancer. Biopsies are done to rule out cancer too.

Try to distract yourself and keep busy in the meantime. It does help.

Best of luck. x

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Thank you all for taking the time to reply, it means a lot. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, by just off loading to you all. I think the reason for the wait is they only run the clinics one day a week in our local hospital. I think you can travel further a field if needed. I feel much better just getting my worries out there and it’s nice knowing I’m not just going crazy alone :joy:
If I find myself going back into a panic I will give the GP a ring and see if they could push it forward anyway. I’m sure it will be something and nothing, but your mind can take you to the most crazy of places :woman_facepalming:t4: I’m just out walking the dog and trying to keep myself busy xx

If I was you, I’d phone the clinic and see if they can fit you in earlier. My GP told me she thought it was cancer and it was, but still had to wait 2 weeks to be seen at Breast Clinic! But they phoned me the following day with a cancellation for a mammogram but even though I had to wait for results, it was a relief to get the test out of the way! Out of all the treatments I’ve had this last year. The waiting at the beginning was the worst thing!! This forum has been so helpful, just to chat to women who know what you’re going through.
Good luck xxx

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Yes agree ring them they can only say no!

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Rant away.
The great thing about forums is that they are open for everything.
Our imaginations can be our worst enemy.
I really hope the outcome is good for you.

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Hey Ladies, just a quick update I did try and get an earlier appointment, I phoned at the beginning of last week but they said they were all fully booked and would phone me if they had any cancellations. Still not heard anything, only one more week to go now.
Thank you all for your replies.
I will let you know how I get on next week :crossed_fingers:t4::heart:

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Won’t be too long now and hope everything goes ok!

I too am waiting for a hospital appointment. Went to see doc 3 days ago after finding quite a big lump. I have lost weight on my breasts due to being ill with flu so im so scared the lump has been there ages. I am mega anxious and cant help fearing the worse. Told my partner about it all but he is not supportive and makes me feel worse. Luckily i have a couple of good friends i will confide in. Sorry for the rant but i am petrified and just dont know what to do with myself like a lot of people on this chat x

It is so hard waiting and I really hope it all goes well and is benign. It could be a fibroadenoma too which causes lumps. It’s impossible to not think the worst but do avoid the internet for now and keep yourself busy.

Ps remember on these forums it’s mostly made up of people who didn’t have good news and the people that did are happily living their lives especially those that got good results for benign conditions.

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So the wait is finally over. I had my appointment this morning. They did an ultrasound scan of the lump & said it was a swollen lymph node. They put this down to me feeling run down. They Said they weren’t worried about it and to just continue to check my breasts and to come back if there’s any changes. So over all, it was all good news.
I’m glad the lump wasn’t anything sinister, but I thought I would feel more reassured and relieved than I do.
Has anyone else had swollen nodes that don’t go down for a similar reason? I don’t want to take to Google cause I know it just say the worst things and I am ready to put the worry behind me now :rofl:
Thank you all for being so supportive, it really did take a huge weight off my shoulders and I appreciate it :heart: