Why have a Results appt if it isn't cancer?

Hi All,

I had a biopsy last week.  Doc said they might not even book an appt and only send a letter if no followup required.  2 hours later I had a phone call asking me to come in & discuss results (day after tomorrow).


What’s the point of the Results appointment if it is benign??  My lump isn’t causing me trouble so I can only assume that booking an appointment to talk about Results means there are decisions to be made = something bad.


Am I wrong?


Many Thanks.

I am reassured to read (elsewhere) that 75-80% of breast biopsies prove to be negative for cancer.  But not sure if that’s an up to date statistic.

Hi Julii,

After seeing the doctor, it could just be that the admin team rang to make an appointment, as the dr would not have the results just 2 hours later. It can take about a week or so to get the results from the lab. 

Clinics can vary, but usually an appointment is given for the results if a biopsy is necessary, I was given one at the time I had my biopsy for a week later. 

Even if it is benign, there maybe issues to discuss or possibly further follow up arrangements to be made, so it certainly doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bc. 

Even if it does turn out to be bc, then thankfully it can be dealt with. Outcomes are excellent now, with the vast majority of us getting on with life afterwards, but chances are, it won’t come to that. 

ann x

Hi Julii, I think the Dr probably shouldn’t have said that to you as the usual thing is to be given an appointment for results or at least a phone call if they expect all to be well which is what I was given.

Unfortunately as mine wasn’t benign like they suspected they had to tell me over the phone I had Breast cancer which they really don’t like doing.


Dont read anything in to it at this point as Ann says they wouldn’t have known anything 2 hrs after your biopsy, it’s more likely that it was picked up that an appointment hadn’t been made before you left. 

Yes around 80% of lumps are benign so you have an excellent chance of all being well , please let us know how you get on Xx Jo 

I would take it as good, Julii!

That is brilliant news Julii I am so pleased for you :smileyhappy: