Why have I been referred

Hi everyone

Long story so here it goes.

I found out last November that I was pregnant. In Dec/Jan I noticed what looked like a spot at the bottom of my left breast which I didn’t think anything of at the time.

Unfortunately I miscarried in Feb and had a D&C - this was 5 weeks ago.

Earlier this week I noticed that the spot was still there and of course googled it and got myself into a right state. I checked my breasts and nothing in there in terms of lumps etc. But I booked a doctors appointment anyway.

I went to the doctors on Friday and she did an examination. She said that there was nothing of concern for her but she will refer me for a routine appointment at the hospital anyway even though she is certain there’s nothing to worry about. It’s not a fast track appointment - I should get a letter within 2 weeks and my appointment should be in about a month.

I’m worried sick. Why would she refer me if there’s nothing of concern there? Since I’ve been panicking, there’s been a slight intermittent pain in my left breast but I don’t know if this is because I’m always poking and prodding.

I’m 35 and the only history of breast cancer in my family is my Grandma. She got it in her late 70s and she’s 92 and still going strong. I’m just so worried that the Dr has found something and isn’t telling me.

Hi Murph

So sorry to hear of the loss of your baby. That is hard enough without worrying about cancer too.

Please DO NOT worry about the referral - this is standard procedure for GPs to refer for a mammo when someone comes in with a breast problem, even if nothing can be seen or felt (or it ought to be standard procedure, though some ladies have had to be a bit pushy to get a referral in the first place if the Dr thinks “it’s nothing”.) I’ve heard that the majority of referrals show that cancer is NOT found, particularly at your age, although of course it could be- you won’t know till after you’ve had your mammogram, or possibly Ultrasound or a biopsy as well. These are just diagnostics, to be SURE one way or the other, it doesn’t mean they already think you have cancer, 'cos you might not. There are many benign breast conditions that are identified at the breast clinic. In the unlikely event that you do have cancer, be assured that it is very trreatable these days, as all of us ladies on here are evidence. I know it is easy to say “don’t worry” but do try not to, - think of it like the three-yearly mammograms that  ladies over 50 routinely have - a way to either identify cancer early, or to put the mind at rest that you don’t have it. Take care. xxx