Why is getting a sleeve so complicated......

So I have just returned from the GP’s without the prescription I went for.

Two weeks ago I collected a prescription for my new sleeves ? took it to pharmacy, waited 8days and collected, only to find they had ordered just the sleeve. Not the combined sleeve. So they checked the prescription and it was what the GO had ordered ?

So I call GP and ask if they can redo the prescription, I explain what happened. Told them to look at what they ordered last time, and that I needed that item BUT In the next size down! EASY!!

I decide to check the prescription before leaving surgery today and they had put down exactly what I had last time including the size ? How difficult was it to change the size ? So I could go back later today if I wanted, because obviously I have nothing better to do, or wait till Monday! So at this rate, I will finally get my sleeve over a month after I was measured for it.

It’s a joke, we didn’t ask to get Lymphoedema and it’s certainly not my idea of fun. But it could be a lot less stressful if the GP could TRY and concentrate and order the correct item.

Anyone else have sleeve issues? Or is it just me? I am starting to think I am jinxed!!! ? xx

No you’re not the only one nanny_sal, have had wrong strength and length also contacted GP to tell them and reorder correct sizes, went down to chemist only to open bag and find it was the wrong ones AGAIN!!

Chemist sorted it out with docs so fingers crossed will get the right ones next time, It’s really annoying…

Seemingly there are many that can be ordered and they just click on whatever comes up first, I also don’t understand why they just can’t look up your own prescription then order!

Hope you get the right ones soon:smileyhappy: xx

Haha!! Must admit I was ranting and raving the last time…oh the rage!! :smileyhappy: so very frustrating xx

Hi Nannysal

                      Its a blooming nightmare, I no everytime I get new sleeves it will be a farcical event !! I never get what is requetsed / ordered, I like the sleeve without the silicone top as it annoys me and I do not have the hand piece on it, I always get silicone top and usually 1 has the hand piece !! I mean surely its not rocket science to follow the prescription is it ? The hospital i am under ( royal marsden ) has said if I continue to have problems they will order for me but they shouldnt have to, I always order a month in advance to get them for when they are due !! I have 2 new ones every 6 months , is this the same for everyone ?


L x

Up date:smileyhappy:!

Chemist has a direct order to warehouse so my sleeve and glove will always be in stock, extra kept at chemists, woo hoo, after 2 years of the wrong orders!!!

Fingers crossed my presciption doesn’t change haha xx

Phew!  I have had trouble getting the correct sleeves and gauntlets too!  I couldn’t tolerate the medium compression glove so i have the light compression gauntlet but medium compression sleeve.  I don’t always get this combo!