why is this taking soo long??

Three months ago I felt a pea size lump just under my nipple and went to my GP who felt the lump and said it was probably nothing but would refer me and I would get a letter. Three weeks and 2 days later I got a letter saying my appointment was in 10 weeks time. Anyways today was my appointment, I was in and out in 5 minutes, was not asked any information about anything and the dr said he could not feel the lump, which I said I couldn’t either bacause it dissappears when my period is due (now), he sent me for a mammagram which is in 2 weeks time and a scan which is in a months time, this is all doing my head in because yes it could be nothing but it could be something!!! When I can feel the lump its feels like a small grainy stone, but is not rock hard. I have breast implants which I have had for 18 years due to having hardly no breasts, but have also managed to breastfeed 5 children. Any comments will be usefull, my mum has offered to pay for the mammagram privately but I said no as its only another 2 weeks to go, I do feel maybe I should just leave it cos its nothing, the docs don’t seem to bothered by it???

Hello there

Really hope your fears are unfounded, but don’t give up until you get answers. Ten weeks seems an awful long time to have waited for an appointment then to be rushed in and out in 5 minutes must have been really disappointing for you.

No good telling you not to worry you are bound to, I’ve done my share. Two weeks is not long but it seems like forever when its you thats waiting.

Take care.


Hi there,

I can understand why you would just give up and forget about it when nobody seems that bothered but please don’t ignore it. Most likely it will be nothing. All the statistics say so but the niggling worry would just eat away at you. You need to be sure. Hang in there. You’ve waited a long time now and few weeks more won’t make much difference.

Best wishes for a good outcome, Jan

Thanks for your comments, I was told in the letter that I must allow for 3 hours at least due to tests ect, also the doc didn’t ask me anything about my history ie how long I’ve had the implants in, did I breastfeed, do I smoke or drink ect absolutley nothing!!! I think it is abit of a postcode lottery because a few people I know that had the same thing, were seen in 2 weeks and got everything done on the same day. I had to wait a week for my gp appt, then 3+ weeks for the letter then another 10 weeks for the appointment, altogether 14 weeks, now another 2 weeks for the mammogram which will be 16 weeks since I found the lump!!!

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