Wide awake after midnight club !

Hiya Lynn
Another leyrozole lady …I have been on it a year now and hope its doing its job too. My doc prescribed naproxen for me too but u have to take something else with it to protect the stomach …and the side effects are listed as femur breakage …AAGH so I have been too scared to take them as I have a pin and hole in mine. I rarely take any pain relief but just some times a hot water bottle !! As I’m retired can do as little or as much as I feel like.

Hi Lynn

I am so pleased to hear from you I have been thinking about you alot as we have not heard from you for such a long time. You sound as though you could do with a few more hours with the grandchildren if they help you to sleep.


I am having trouble staying asleep I drop off then wake up and start thinking sometimes I get up and take 2 paracetamol and go back it seems to help because sometimes I may have a leg ache. Last night my first wakeup was 12.00 am but I resisted getting up and using phone or laptop then the second was 2.30 am and 5.40 am. Why can’t I sleep I cannot remember a full nights sleep and when I have my chemo that is bad for sleep. Even the alphabet girl and boys names doesn’t work anymore. 


Well love and (((hugs)))  xxx

Oh dear, have just posted doggy poo in Carolyns garden, hope she doesnt mind?( see 3 word story)


yes, well seems im alone tonight in here as it is after 12 oclock.


gong to munch a biscuit and try to fall asleep.



Well after an almost sleepless night at my daughter’s house and coming home really tired I still couldn’t get off last night.

in the end I got up just after midnight and had some warm milk and a hot buttered crumpet (not really hungry, just comfort food…I know I shouldn’t but I do that often). I then took a sleeping tablet and slept until 4.00am and then dozed until 6.30.

i seem to be resorting to sleepers more and more, but I don’t like to.  I had three nights with none though before last night…l really don’t want to become dependant on them…

Good morning Lynn.
How about YUSEF …for a boys name …now you can finish the a to z ! (Zack will end it)
I’ve tried all the a to z things too …usually fall asleep through boredom !!!
I went bed at 9pm last night through boredom I think as I hate the dark nights!! went 7 hours without a wee but sort of slept in Windows of two hours !!
Carolyn xxxx

I’m the same about ladies that vanish …I have only been on the site just over a year but wander about a lot of the ladies that were there for me then … it’s a pity we cant just click on their name and see if they are still active and just reading and running and not checking in with us !!!
I suppose everyone has their reasons for not posting which we respect but it’s nice to hear from everyone once in a while.
Carolyn xxxx

Now! …youve had your story and a hot drink, Ive tucked you in.


I’m going to turn the light out and I dont want to hear another peep!


night night


Yep …I slept to 5am this morning too without loo and sweats so that’s the best I get but good.
Gorgeous sunshine here so sat on decking with a second cup of coffee. Oh the life of retirement !!

Hi Janette,


very best wishes for you results…lots of love,



All the best for your scan results …I’m sure they will b fine. Gosh that’s a lot of loo trips …mine are normally two !!
Holding your hand …from sunny Devon .

Good luck with your scan result Janette


Got up for a wee at 1.15 am had a bit of hip pain took paracetamol went back to bed and didn’t wake up until the alarm clock went off at 6.00 am I could have slept on a first only up once it’s usually about 3 or more. But I needed to be at the hospital for 8.30 for my treatment review and then chemo.


Love and (((hugs))) 

Bless our bladders !!!
Marirose …glad to read that you are finding the new chemo do able … I keep up with your progress etc. Shame about the hair loss though but I’m sure you have a nice posh new wig for days out and about !!
Carolyn xxx

Hi all 

Janette I am the same as you I try to avoid the laptop in the night. I never seem to sleep much after chemo on a Wednesday and when I am up for the loo and look in the mirror my face is bright red.


Lynn good luck with your decorating I bet that plays on your mind and when it’s done lets hope you get some sleep.


Hi Carolyn thanks for watching over me. My hair has not stopped me from going out with wig or hats but it is getting thinner and this morning after no 7 chemo yesterday is coming out more I am going to the hairdresser tomorrow not sure what to have done now but tomorrow I shall be washing it so we will see what happens. I’ve got my wig and hats ready I always like to be prepared for all eventualities I was a good girl guide and Brownie Leader.


Love and (((hugs)))  xxx

Time for me to fess up …I created this thread but don’t take laptop/ phone upstairs to bed either.I charge them over night ready for the next day !!
Always keeping up to date with you marirose and from your postings I think this chemo is easier for you then the cape and the sore feet/hands . You sound in a better place with pain too.
AAGH decorating …we always get half way through and regret starting it! but then when its finished its all worth while.
And our bank balance nil as its then new accessories etc as well.

Yes, …was thinking we could start a ‘toilet’ thread, between us all weve got enough news to keep it going, what with my utis and  your night rising.


Moijan  ???



Hahaha fantastic idea! I would certainly be a regular!
Janette xxx

Yahoo everyone …can I be a member of the tinkle in the night club too please?
Usually 2/3 per night …
Ha ha
Carolyn :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

Hi fellow up all nighters lol I managed 4 skips to the loo last night and had my 2nd day of steroids today so may be bouncing on the bed again later X enjoy your evening all xx

Good morning everyone.  I have had two good nights sleep.  Must confess though that last night I took a couple of pills, slept for almost 6 hours and don’t feel too groggy.  First time I have used them in 3 days - I try to stick to using them just once or twice a week when I am laying awake.


i usually have a middle of the night trip to the loo and then a very early morning one, which I am then awake from.  However it’s different when I have UTIs, they’re a regular occurance  with the Letrozole


i do have my iPad on my dressing table so have access to it at night, but I try not to use it.  I read somewhere that  the screen light can cause wakefulness.  I don’t disturb DH, we have been together for nearly fifty years and love each other to bits. - even now when we’re bickering about decorating.? !!!    But he is a dreadful snorer  and I am very restless and a light sleeper so as soon as our children grew up and moved out we have separate rooms.


in the early stages of my Dx when I was awake and anxious and wondering around the house in the middle of the night he would hear me and get up to be with me.  I asked him not to, if I need him I will call him - no point In two of us being tired.  We live in a bungalow so are never far apart.  We don’t have TV in the bedrooms so I read rather than use the iPad. I do find though that sometimes just going to sit in the front room for 20 minutes or so helps, no light on but some boring inane rubbish on TV which doesn’t engage me. Sometimes at 3.00am in the morning I wish I could turn my mind off as easily as a TV


just having a moan, I’m sure you’ve all been there…


Hello Lynn
I didn’t sleep much at all last night …but didn’t reach for the laptop !! Try not to …had a few wee trips and a bit of looking out the window to see if I can see the Fox.
I’m sure letrozole does cause uti too …depends on the brand though.
Hubbys been up at silly o clock shampooing lounge carpet …we have light beige all through the house ( not our choice) were newly fitted when we bought house last year. Keep meaning to get them redone to darker ones …no excuse really as son a carpet fitter !! But he’s always too busy …
Well enjoy sunshine while it lasts.