Wide local excision or therapeutic reduction mammoplasty

Hi diagnosed just under a week ago with very small (7mm) cancer of grade 1, er+ve but HER2 -ve. Don’t know about lymph nodes until after op. saw my surgeon on Friday and have op scheduled for 11 aug. my dilemma is that although the WLE and SNB were originally proposed , the surgeon gave me another option of the mammoplasty. This came up because I was diagnosed as diabetic last year -lost a stone but want to lose another 2 or 3. My bust is currently a 38F. I am therefore a little concerned as to if I wanted a breast reduction/uplift at a later date potential side affects from radiotherapy may make this impossible.

I welcome any thoughts or advise anyone might have. I know I am ‘lucky’ to have had this caught so early through the breast screening programme (my first mammogram).


I am not sure why they say this about post radiotherapy …but i have heard it mentioned a lot. I had BC four years ago with lumpectomy and rads and the little devil has come back so I have opted for mastectomy this time with implant reconstruction … My surgeon wasn’t concerned about any issues with the damaged skin post rads so I took this option. So I know it’s not the same thing but it’s surgery on the same area post rads so they must do it? I know they say they get a better ‘result’ pre rads as That was said last time to me …but this does look okay , just some ‘puckering’ in the rads area. Get lots of advice and ask them loads of questions . We do have to make so many decisions at a time when your head feels like it’s in thick fog! Good luck…sending you a bug hug xxx