Wide Local Excision Significant Change in Breast Shape


I had my op about a year ago -alumpectomy/WLE for invasive ductal carcinoma - found 2. After the op when i removed my dressings I was alarmed to see a deep area of raw tissue about 2inch from incision that was the size of a 10 pence piece. When I spoke to the surgeon 2 weeks later he apologised and said that unfortunately he had burnt me with the cauterisation tool but it would heal.I have lost most of my breast down one side.Nobody wanted follow up on this and actually any time it was mentioned every professional avoided looking at it.I am now left with a deep wound albeit healed. Either side of this my skin has “gone in”( can’t describe it any other way" )so that I have what looks like a deep gully and the breast tissue above it folds over it.I also have an area of red skin that swells to a hard lump as the day goes on.I was given a prosthesis a few months ago to use inside my bra to fill me out a bit.What is really getting to me is that on day of op there was no mention of the “accident” and afterwards no-one wanted to see it.

I have this week had my annual appointment and eventually the surgeon concerned came to look - he again apologised and said he removed a lot of tissue and offered to refer me to a plastic surgeon who will use loposuction to try and improve the cosmetic outcome but said that the red swollen area can’t be fixed. He said that one of the tumours was very near the skin and that is why it is red. Anyone else with thi type of thing. Did not expect this!

Hello Janeliz


I am sorry to hear of your experiences. 


Possibly your first port of call could be PALS (patient advice and liaison service)

Every NHS trust has a local office. There is a link on the NHS Choices website to find details of your local office.  They will be able to advice you on how to complain about your surgery outcome and support you whilst you find the best remedy for your issues.


I have heard of people having a partial reconstruction using the LD FLAP method and this may be an option you could ask about. It is unacceptable for you to be left with scarring and swelling caused by the surgeon’s error, it is good that he has offered to refer you to a plastic surgeon, but you still have a valid complaint.


I hope you are able to get your issues resolved.

Best wishes.

Hi Janeliz


I am so sorry this has happened to you and quite frankly I am amazed that the hospital and surgeon have done so little when it has been admitted that a mistake had been made. I should think at the very least an appointment with a plastic surgeon your choice should be offered immediately, and you can then have a discussion as to what can be done to rectify things a little.


Failing that, if you have the name of a plastic surgeon, id you know that you can ask your GP to refer you directly to them?


Hope you get somewhere with this.