Widespread body pain, muscle stiffness

Hi al, hope everyone is doing good  

this is my first time posting, so in November last year I was told I have TNBC stage 1, like everyone my world fall apart. I’m Jan in started my first stage of treatment pembro (immunotherapy) with paclitaxel and carboplatin, plus cold cap which I managed for 12 weeks no hair loss, I was chuffed. One month break for ultrasound to be booked and results. So the pres cancerous cells have completely gone and the lump has about halved in size so super happy. I have moved on to the second stage of treatment, Pembro and EC(vile) unfortunately my hairs started to thin quite dramatically but has since slowed down to about normal. 

my question is does anyone who as been through this have it had the worst aches and pains ever, like walking for 20 mins slow pace is like running a marathon, legs burn and ache plus the sweats the sweating is gross … can anyone relate and help out my mind to rest please and thank you Sammi xx

p.s I also have fibromyalgia which probably isn’t helping on the pain situation. 

If you haven’t been doing so already, I recommend writing a symptom diary so you can relate the symptoms to the days of the cycle. During each EC cycle I had 5 days of Filgrastim injections and they definitely made me very achy. The yellow forms that list a million possible side effects almost certainly will say these symptoms can be a side effect of Pembrolizumab, epirubicin or cyclophosphamide. Probably all 3. Sadly EC is rough on the hair too. 
(I am on Pembrolizumab plus NAB-Paclitaxel for metastatic TNBC). Have previously had EC and standard Paclitaxel in the primary setting).