Wife diagnosed with TNBC...

Hi all…

Hope you don’t mind me posting on here. My wife who is 39 was diagnosed with TNBC last week. Early Grade 2. 20mm with no lymth node invasion. They wouldn’t give it a stage as it looks early, but said if they really had to it would be 1. I am obviously devastated as is my wife. We have a 6yr old girl who is our world and can’t bare to think the worst. I did the wrong thing… I googled non-stop about tnbc and literally made myself physically sick with panic, worry, etc. All I can see is doom and gloom, etc etc. Reaccurance stats and nothing saying beyond 5 years etc… My wife has been told it’s been caught very early, looks contained and no lymth node invasion. She has had biopsies, MRI, ultrasound, CT scan. We had been trying for another child, so we are going to have her eggs frozen prior to chemo, then surgery and radiation. The medical team have reasured us it’s very treatable, and in recent years tnbc is having the same success rates as other types, but after reading online etc, I don’t know what to think. Are we just told this to make us calm down!

I really do hope there is hope for us to be a happy complete family for many years to come.

Thank you for listening to me.


Welcome to Breast Cancer Now, sorry you find yourself reaching out on here, do please use all the facilities Breast Cancer Now can offer support and help with to you and your wife. Please do keep off dr google, it will send you into a spin. A good book that helped me was surviving triple negative breast cancer by Patricia prijatel, she is a 2 x tnbc survivor, it isn’t for everyone but it helped me. Robin Roberts and Joan Lunden are tnbc survivors too if you wanted to google anything. Do keep eye on trials and if your wife could be eligible to go on any, the treatments for tnbc are changing all the time and your wife’s treatments will be tailored specifically for her, it is never a once size fits all treatments plan, reading the threads will help you both each stage of treatments and if your wife wants to join the threads then she will find support and understanding from others who are travelling the journey too and others will pop on with tips and tricks to navigate through Do speak to your wife’s team at the hospital too, they are there for both of you too. Remember they have seen it all before and will know what to do, step by step you will get through Shi

I have 5 friends that had early stage tnbc and that was well over 5 years ago and they are fine and all clear of cancer. Please talk to the breast cancer nurses and McMillan (spelt incorrectly) for support. I also have tnbc but mine is not a good outcome but my tumour was 9cm and had 6 lymph nodes involved. All the best xxxxxxx