Wig at airport

Please could anyone advise me? I fin chemo and rads and hair growing back but still practically bald! I am going to Cyprus next week, do I wear my wig in airport? will they make me take it off - my wig looks so real people think its my hair, but will the scanner thing bleep and will they make me take it off? anyone else gone on hol with no hair and worn wig or bandana to travel, or nothing? my passport of course is me with my long dark hair as per profile picture? any advice welcome please. Shar xxxx

Hi Shar, googd for you getting away!!! You deserve it! As you know my long awaited, muched longed for …Never thought it would happen trip to Florida Disney for kids takes place this week!!! I too will be interested in your replies! I am more concerned with the metal port in false boob number 1 not causeing ructions!!! Good job MX 2 takes place when I come back XXXXX JX

hi Shar
great to hear your off on holiday, I always seem to have something on that sets off the alarms at the airport, a female security guard then comes over to check me by feel and with the metal dectector, I would wear the wig and if they need to check you over explain to the female attendant that you require your screening to be done in private.
Have great hol
T x

Shar - unless you’re wearing a metal wig, why would it set off a scanner? Thick woolly jumpers don’t.

No love it wont affect the scanner at all :slight_smile: Have a wonderful holiday xx

Thank u all for your comments. i know the wig is not metal but i thought when you go thr the scanner that they could see it not attached to my head = plus they told me in rads that i have a titanian clip to show up on xray for rad purposes so will that set the scanner off - do i need a letter from my doc to exlain things do u all think Sharx

Ti doesn’t set off alarms at airports.
My son has 3 Ti plates and 12 Ti screws after a thug attacked him and he had to have reconstruction surgery. He’s been round the world since with no alarms.

Thank u Ninja xxxxx

I have a PortaCath and I’ve been assured that I could go through scanners OK.
Not that the Oncy will give me a week off to go anywhere, mind…

Hi just to let you know I have wore wigs a few times when flying and have never had any problems at all at the airports and to be honest after the first time I never worried at all.


Hi Im off on holiday this friday & I am a bit worried about wearing my wig to go through thee airport, just in case someone stops me & asks me to take it off.Like sharon I havent got enough hair yet to go wig free & my wig looks nothing like my passport photo.After everything we have been through I just dont wont to be embarassed in the airport. Everyone going away this week have a brill time Lesley x


I’ve worn my wig a few times going thru’ airport security and it was fine. The last time I also had my port button (on my implant) and was still fine - even in one of those new, fangled scanners.
Enjoy your trips.


I’m sure that LOADS of folk (not just cancer folk) wear wigs and hairpieces when travelling and I have NEVER seen anyone asked to take theirs off EVER.

I’ve just returned from a trip to Italy and wore my wig all the time, with no problems at the airport or anywhere else. Also pleased to note that although it was 35 degrees, I didn’t feel any hotter wearing the wig than I would have with my own hair.
Enjoy the holiday.