Wig Personalisation Service.

Wig Personalisation Service.

Wig Personalisation Service. Hi Ladies,

There is some help at last for those of you facing hair loss or presently wearing a wig that you may not be completely happy with.

Just wanted to let you all know that Trevor Sorbie has got a new web site which I think may be very interesting to lots of the girlies here.

Have a look at www.mynewhair.org

I wish I had found it when I was facing the hair loss part of the treatment and wanted to wear a wig especially for my brother- in -laws wedding!

I seen this on morning TV(its good for something LOL) and looked up the site to see if it was of any use to anyone here as I found the hair loss part very difficult especially when it came to special occasions when I wanted to look at my best. Trevor Sorbie has had a family member effected by hair loss recently and decided to get other hairdressers involved in learning to style wigs etc.

I wont rattle on any longer but I do hope the site may be of some help as I know how every little helps.

Love and hugs to you all

Neenie xx