wig shopping tomorrow

hi all
Keep loosing track of threads Ive posted under. Good luck to those starting chemo this week - dreading Wed. going wig shopping tomorrow, im so anal about my hari even though short, wacky styles and colorus and hope I can find something but everyone keeps telling me they cant wear for long - does anyone wear there’s a bit - its so quiet where I live, if had bandana one Id be centre of attention (I look bad in them!!).

Sometimes I cant believe Im sitting in after having masectomey - thought I would loose it!

In terms of scans, lots of people on here talk about scans, I havent been offered any and when asked they said no point as cant see any seadlings - does this soune normal - thank god for sites like these - used one before for another problem and met one of best mates.

Thinking of you all

i have never had scans etc after dx of bc. So is normal to me.I was worried about my hair and now it has all come out I can choose what i wear - loads of wigs, hat or nothing. It was nice having no hair when it was really hot recently. Now I am mid chemo my next lot wil let my hair grow back. It will be strange having hair again. Lisa, you are night owl like me !!

Rach xx

Hi Lisa.
I always wear mine when I go out had it since January,and when I tell people they are really surprised,although now weather is getting warmer and my hair is growing back it is getting a bit sweaty, I never wear it at home though. I am not one for hats or bandanas, never felt comfortable and felt that they would bring more attention to the fact that my hair had gone.

Good luck


Im defo a night owl - chemo kicks off tomorrow and still sitting here watching tv etc. Wig shopping wasnt the best - thought it might be quite fun but hey, they seem to be so big and just not right, got one eventually and wore it round the city until someone looked at me and then I had a close look in shop I ran out and took it off , my mam couldnt understand why I liked it in shop then not. Got some scarfts and bands to stick in it which calms it down and when one of my friends said she’d like her hair like that it was nice!
Thanks for your comments better go and try and get some sleep before kick off tomorrow

Good Luck tomorrow Lisa! Fellow night owl here.I’ve just spent the evening at the hospital with my sister who seems to have had some sort of seizure.(She had a stroke after dad died 4 years ago).first visit to oncologist for me tomorrow.Wig shopping next week I think! (in between hospital visits!)


Hi Lisaf and Tricia - Good luck both of you for tomorrow. Lisaf, I have just written to you on one of the other threads. I used to have my hair in a straight bob with a fringe. When I was trying on wigs I thought they would all feel really itchy at the back of my neck (especially as it was Australia and summer!). I ended up with a really short one. Just whispy bits on the back on my neck, which I don’t feel at all. Took a bit of getting used to, but now I often wear it for 10 hours at a time as it is so easy. I bought another which I was thrilled with as I thought it looked like my “own” style, but as it was longer it really felt like a wig, and I couldn’t tuck it behind my ears which was all wrong for me, and I only every wore it once! If you can find one you really feal happy with it’s well worth while and a great boost to your confidence - I have even had ladies askig where I get my hair cut!! (No one ever did that when I was spending a fortune at the hairdresser!). Good luck. Sarah x

Thanks for replies. Tricia hope you sister is okay and good look with oncologist and wig shopping - hope to pop in in a few days if I feel okay

Seabird - thanks for the info re wigs, great to know someone can wear it for so long - mine will grow on me Im sure!

I had such a laugh wig shopping but went to a recommended shop, so that might be worth looking into. My hospital subsidised the cost up to £200 when I went to the one they said. I was given a prescription when I went for my chemo chat and had to put about £58 towards each one and then you need a special brush etc to wash it, which is more. You need someone to fit it who is interested. I booked a time to go and went at 9am on a Saturday and had the place to myself. It was quite a drive to the recommended place but really worth it. I took my husband and also my daughter. I laughed the whole way through and only put it on for short spells as difficult with own hair underneath. I bought the wig before I need it and I am using the cold cap too. Covering every eventuality, hair or bald. I picked a longer wig like it is now and a short swingy bob one as I have been told that short hair is much more likely to survive as it does not swing on the roots so much. My wig has highlight and a wispy fringe and they cut it free to suit me while there. I have now had my own hair cut and dyed to match the short wig so when I change back from the wig to real hair again it does not have too much growing to do. Don’t know if this is any help but enjoy your wig day, important to pick a good place not the nearest. It is a great chance to see your hair in different colours and styles, I had 250 to choose from and had such a fun morning.
lily x

Hi Lily, I had a bit of a trial wig testing at my mum’s last week. she worked for Social Work as a carer and was involved in putting on shows and stuff. I therefore tried on bright purple cleopatra style and a long curly turquoise little mermaid type and to my absolute horror actually suited them. I somehow don’t think I’d go for that on an every day basis !!! My mum,sister,neices and their pals thought it was a hoot.My own hair is long thick and very dark,almost black,but like you I’ve been told to have it cut a little for the cold cap.I only just had 4inches taken off too. It normally grows incredibly fast. I’ve always been really happy that I haven’t had to dye my hair and only have around a dozen persistent grey hairs at the front,so hope it doesn’t grow back grey if it falls out.(I’m 50). My mate is coming with me and we’ve decided to turn our session into a really good girly day out.We’ve both lost our dads in recent years and try to enjoy every day as much as possible.

Saw oncologist today and have decided to take part in the TACT 2 trials.I hope it just speeds up the whole ghastly process so that I can get back to normal ASAP.
Keep in touch and we can compare notes.


just wanted to add that when i had my wig fitting through the NHS they measured my head and had it altered for me… I lost my hair two weeks ago but feel much more confident in long scarfs tied in fancy ways! I am having my wig trimmed to suit my face on friday so maybe that will make a difference. I have always had short hair ( quite funky ), my wig is a jaw line bob! it seemed such a good idea at the time! friends who have seen it love it but its such a huge step to wear it.
thinking of everyone in the same boat

Have a great day out wigging I certainly did, one of the biggest laughs in this whole sorry saga. I looked like Mark Owen out of Take That in one wig!! On another point i am on the TACT2 trial, first dose this week , tues 20 May. It is amazing that once you say yes, there is a condition about starting within a time limit of your op, so you suddenly find yourself travelling first class. Some person was even moved off the operating list for me, which I did not know about and feel bad about. The research nurse is like having another Mum and they are just there for you any time and your progress is followed much more closely and for longer. I got all my drugs free and hand delivered to me. My friend gets charge 3£0 plus each time and has to queue up as she is not on a trial. From where I am, if you like the trial itself go for it. They are not allowed to offer you a less effective treatment than standard and my onc thinks this is a really good one. Let us know what you decide and you can pick up many other threads under the search to follow each arm of the trial
good luck
Lily x

Going to go and get my wig chopped a bit at the weekend as I do short and spikey so wispy chin lenghtbit hard work but gonna wait to hair goes before wearing it, think its just everyone knowing but least I cant use my usual excuse that had to wash my hair when Im late!!!