wig to hair transition tips


i know this is probably not a very important subject for those who are still getting treatment,

i have very very short hair, 12 weeks since last chemo, and i wqnt to go back to real hair instead of my wig but i am finding the  change back a lot harder than when i had my head shaved at the outset. i thought about popping a bow on my head, or something that means i dont just have the hairline shape? i work in a hotel so i dont want to have guests staring or asking questions but its getting very hot with the hair and the wig

any ideas?? how did you swap back??

angie xx

In the end I just went for it. Went on holiday 2months after the end of chemo & when I came back left the wig behind. In my head I had much more hair than I actually had. No one in work batted an eyelid & commuting to & from work I didn’t notice any odd looks. I do think brazen it out with confidence even though it is tough is the best approach. Good luck xx

I too have very short hair, and it’s very white with dark patches. (Husband says I resemble a Gloucester Old Spot pig!). I asked him to tell me when he thought I could appear without hat, wig or scarf and when he said he thought I was almost ready I went to church and whipped off my hat. I chose to do it amongst friends and not so close friends, but in a place I knew was safe. And they were ALL so thrilled for me that it was coming back, so complimentary, and so enthusiastic that from then on I’ve bared my head. Except it’s too cold to do it out of doors!


And you know what? Nobody gives it a second look. In truth I think everyone’s so wrapped up in their own lives that if I appeared nude they wouldn’t notice or care. Those who know me say nice and encouraging things, but in the main they say nothing. I am wearing a BCC pin, and the variations on pink bows are pretty universally recognized, so maybe some more sensitive people clock that and draw their conclusions, but who cares?


Go for it Angie - and let us know how you get on!

Jane x

Hi Angiepops, I just had enough one day during the hot spell and took the wig off and never went back to wearing it. Nobody commented and now all I get is compliments about how well it is growing. I feel much happier than I did when wearing the wig. So go for it and be happy.

Hi Angie,
I ditched my wig/scarfs when we went to Spain begining of Oct and haven’t worn them since. I do wear a hat now that it’s a bit colder when Iam out otherwise have no problem. Just go for it! Xx