Wig washing!!

Hi there,

I am going to have to wash my wig for the first time, but i am dreading ruining it as its the only one i’ve got. Are they ok when you wash them out? or can you ruin them?..

Karen xx

I washed my only one and it was fine. I got a bowl of warm water and a gentle shampoo. Washed and rinsed gently - no squeezing or anything. Combed gently and conditioned. It was fine. Good luck with yours.

thanks…how long did it take to dry? xxx

hi kb i been for wig fitting today she told me to wash in mild shampoo then wring out with warm water she said somit bout fabric softener but forgot and then to put on a vase and let it dry naturally i dont thing it was wringing it out now i think it was shaking it out side then put on vase and let dry natural xx hope u ok kb u not been on 4 while xx

its dead grotty at the moment too…it feel like straw…lol

hiya, yeah ive got a special wig stand, plus i bought some baby shampoo, then a special conditioner that the wog lady recommended. im still worried ill ruin it though…

im very well… thanks for asking, just trying to think about other stuff, other than cancer…it seems it was taking over my life…

k xx

lol wig lady…not wog lady…blooming heck…lol

i no that feeling its taking over my life havent stopped crying 4 two days i had picc line fitted yesterday and got in my head that i can feel it in my neck but i carnt feel owt when i press and if it had moved im sure my chest wouldhurt to were its in and friday is d day for 1st fec im so scared cause dont no what to exept? xx

I can’t remember how long it took. I just left it on the wig stand. I didn’t feel that it took a long time.
It will be fine don’t worry. they are designed to be washed.
I finished chemo 15 months ago. Hair seemed to take a long time to grow properly, but when it did it was like an eighties perm (always had straight hair before). it has gradually become straighter, but has more body and is drier than before. It seems a long haul - but you will come out the other side, feel well and have hair again.
Good luck with treatment everyone.


Funny enough I washed mine yesterday. I was told to wash in tepid almost cold water and leave to soak for 10 minutes. Rinse and gently wring out. Then repeat with conditioner. When this is done lay on a towel and roll up. Then place on wig stand to dry naturally. If you wash it at night it’s ok by morning. The important thing is conditioning. When I got my wig I also got conditioning spray which I use every night. I give it a good brush then spray with conditioning spray then brush out before I wear it. So far so good it still looks like new having washed it about four times.

Good luck it’s not as bad as you think just remember to treat it carefully don’t squeeze or be too rough and let it fall back into shape naturally.

Its quite normal to feel anxious now as for some of you it’s just the beginning and you are being bombarded with medical facts. I’ve finished chemo 2 weeks ago andrestart rads in about 4 weeks and feel good. It’s a long haul but you will get there.

Good luckwith treatment.


Hiya K,
Have washed mine a couple of times… no prob at all…tepid water, I got some shampoo and conditioner with the wig.
Put shampoo in tepid water…swish wig round a few times… rinse in tepid water…repeat with conditioner then pat very gently to remove excess water on a towel and leave to dry naturally on wig stand :))))
Quinny…You’ve done ever so well having the picc line put in hun. It’s only natural to be scared but e’ll all be thinking of you on Friday xxxx

I bought the wig shampoo and conditioner from the shop I got my wig from. (I bought my own cos I didnt like any on the NHS). I was advised to put a capful fo the shampoo in COLD water, swish it around and gently squeeze it in the soapy water, then rinse it in cold water. After that I used to wrap it in a towel to blot off the excess moisture, shake it over the bath and then hang it on the shower head. I used to wash it at teatime and leave it to dry overnight. Just before getting in bed, I used to spray it with the leave in conditioner. By the morning I ran the brush through it and it was fabulous!!!
Must admit, I was nervous the first time!!! Mine was quite choppy/flicky and I thought it would lose all that and end up flat. But it was even better after washing!!! I used to use a wig styling spray on it so I think once I washed out the build up of that, it styled and looked much better.
Also I was advised to wash it after every 10-14 wears, which I did, and it was fine!!
Mandy x


I just washed my (old) wig this afternoon in shampoo I bought when I picked it up. The instructions I was given were pretty much the same as everyone else has said.

Shampoo in tepid water, rinse, then repeat and shake. Wrap in a towel to remove excess water, shake again and hang to dry (I use the back of the kitchen chair and put kitchen roll underneath to catch the drips). I always washed it at night and it was dry in the morning. Also used a conditioning spray several times a week at night and brushed it morning and evening.

I was really nervous about washing it the first time and it was fine. I was told to wash it about every 6 - 8 weeks but during chemo I could never remember when I had last done it so it may have been longer or shorter.

Good Luck, take care, Liz.

A few things that I think are important:

Don’t brush or comb your wig when it is wet.
Don’t use a hair dryer.
Be careful not to tangle the hair by washing too vigorously.

I’ve washed mine 5 or 6 times now and it still looks like new.

Thank you ladies…xxxxxxxx

thank you kq xx

Hi Karen,
It’s absolutely fine to wash it but don’t comb it while it is still wet. Hang it using a wig stand (if you have one) and get it dried naturally. I used to wash mine in cold water with conditioner and just soaked in for a few minutes and rinse afterwards. Once dried you can comb it as usual. I would normally do it in the evening so it would be ready the next morning.
Best wishes,

Thank you ladies…xx…

Well hello everyone, hope you are all well. i am getting a second wig tomorrow as this one i have got now is all synged on the bottom…lol…xx