Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone has ever thought about making their own hair into a wig?
Thanx rebecca

Is this something that’s possible? ive been growing my hair for a while and even contemplated extensions at one point. I know I’m going to have to have chemo and hair loss should be the least of my worries, it’s just if im going to have a wig I’d like it to look as much like my hair as possible. Sissy xx

Hi sissy. Yes it is possible i have been down to chesire last friday to have my hair taken off and made into my own wig. I know exactly how you feel about having your own hair which is why i have posted on here because not many people have heard about it. I travelled two and a half hours to get my hair cut off but well worth the money. The gentleman who is doing it can actually do it over facetime or skype if you are too far away from him. My biggest fear was losing my hair and although it is not going to be attached it is still going to be my own hair. I will have it in the next 3 weeks. I can’t wait to see what this amazing man has done. X

Is your hair quite long? I live in Dover, Kent, which is a fair way from Cheshire :frowning: I’ve had a little look at wigs and know that when the time comes I want a real hair one so that I can style it, etc. Sad thing is I was booked in to have hair extensions last month, just as well that I cancelled them, would’ve been a waste of £200 xx

hi rebecca may i ask how much this cost i would like mine made into a wig but worried its gonna be a fortune x