Wigs-Free to good home


I have now finsihed my treatment and have 2 wigs which I will happily give to anyone have who wants them, just pm me. They are:-

Revlon Auburn short hair and
Tressallure Auburn with darker hair at the lower back short hair

To all those going through treatment, it is all doable, but please listen to your bodies and rest when they tell you to. It is now a year since my 1st op, had 3 ops, 6 chemo and 25 rads, and I don’t know where the time went.

Take care & best wishes


Hello Nythejan

If no-one should want your wigs then the wig bank would be very pleased to have them. They sell them secondhand and the proceeds go to Maggie’s Centre which is a drop in centre for cancer sufferers.

Agnes Lennox
Wig Bank
7 School Brae

Tel: 0131 336 5100

Best wishes

Thanks Anthi I have never worn mine as every one said I looked a prat. Lovely friends and family haven’t I. they know I am virtually uninsultable.!!I will send mine off there Eileen

Hello Eileen

that’s great - Agnes will be very pleased. she had cancer herself and understands very well what we are all going through. I bought a secondhand wig from her and she was very nice and helpful.

Eileen have your eyebrows come back yet? I do hope so.

Love Anthi