Wigs in Glasgow area

Finally finishd treatment here in Thailand and have booked flight back home. I got a couple functions to go to and thought about getting a wig when home. can anyone advise whereabouts in Glasgowor Ayr area I could try.

I know there are plenty on the internet but would like to try maybe a few on Cant remember what i looked like with hair. LOl

Hi Soi, I went to two in glasgow last time I had chemo, the second one cut and styled it for me too. I can’t remember the names off the top of my head but I am due to see my chemo nurse on Friday as I am due to start treatment again so will probably get the wig information again. If I get it I will post it for you. If you like I could PM you the details?


Hi - i would recommend Sharon @ Masthairpiece in Paisley - fab customer service, although the wigs did take quite a while to come through.


Hi Soi

I live in Galston East Ayrshire which is only 12 miles from Ayr, and about 25miles from Glasgow.

I got my wig in Galston from Francis Hairstylists in Bridge Street.
Amanda who owns the shop is terrific and so is Kylie her assistant. They have helped hundreds of woman with breast cancer to be fitted with a wig. I attended Crosshouse Hospital for my surgery and treatment and Francis Hairstylists is one of the hairdressers that the hospital recommends when they give you the voucher for your wig. I would throughly recommend them.

Hope this helps
Anne xx

Thanks for the replies. been a struggle trying to get things here.Oh the have plenty wigs but all long and black.Not much call here for light coloured wigs.

Pumpkin that would be good if you could pm me details.

Weeannie I live in Kilmarnock so Galston just a few miles away. So might pop up and see whats available.

Dont know if my GP will refer me to speak to someone at Crosshouse Will wait and see when I go to see him.

My hubby been working in Thailand and I just came out for a visit and only arrived here and discovered the lump. As the kids have flown the nest he wanted me to wait here and get treatment as he would be able to care for me instead of having to rely on others. So that is how i came to have treatment here. Anyway treatment was good done on our health insurance Final checks and decision on tablets next week.

Things like wigs and prosthesis very hard to come by. They dont have the same back up systems etc we have in uk. The one lady who can get things for you gets them from uk but they are double the price and not guaranteed to fit.

Going to be home for a month as he wants me back out with him for his last few months to make sure I am ok. So it going to be a busy month trying to get organised with wigs bras and prosthesis but I,m sure i will get there


Hi there

Judy Plumb in Glasgow gets a really good review and appears to have a vast array of choice. However, I did go to the stylist in Galston and found them to be fab. I selected a long wig due to the colour being the one closest to my own (at that time anyway!) and they cut it into a style. So an individual one off! Great service from great staff!