Wigs in (West) London?


My partner is just about to start chemo (FEC, then Taxotere) and doesn’t quite get on with her NHS wig.

Can anyone recommend a wig shop in or around London?


Hi Firrip

Welcome to the forums. Whilst you await replies from your fellow forum users, I thought you and your partner may find our booklet called ‘Breast cancer and hair loss’ useful to read, it contains information about hair loss due to chemo and various hints and tips which your partner may find helpful. You can read it via the following link:


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House of Fraser on Oxford Street is brilliant. They have a little private salon on the ground floor near the cosmetics/scarves. Great choice and pretty reasonable - I paid about £100. It’s like going to a hairdressers. They are used to chemo girls as well! One tip (I didn’t know about this) get a form to claim back the VAT (you can do this if wig is for cancer treatment).

Good luck

There is a very good wig shop in Church Street Kensington Notting Hill Gate end near Waterstones
They automatically give you the vat discount if you have cancer.
They have a fantastic selection and it mainly caters for people with cancer so very helpful.
Hope you get what you are looking for.
I went through the FEC and Taxotere chemo and came out the other side now nearly 5 years ago !!
Good Luck

Hi there

I also recommend the wig shop Kieran mentions above, I don’t think we can give names of shops but it is exactly where Kieran says.

The people in there are very helpful and they have private rooms for trying the wigs, and your wife can take as long as she likes looking through them and trying them on.

Cecelia. x

Go to Harrods! Such a treat. They have recently opened a special area within their Urban Retreat on the top floor. Prices were no different than anywhere else - honest- and the girl who does it is a hairdresser and v good about helping you choose a style that suits you. I’ve had no end of compliments about mine - to the point that I now feel embarrassed about how my hair looked before!
Also, take time to practice putting it on, and get a friend to go out with you the first couple of times you wear it, if you’re lacking confidence. Very soon you’ll be jamming it on your head in seconds as you dash out of the door. It’s worth pushing through the confidence barrier as it means you can go out on days when you’re feeling vulnerable and nobody need know you have BC. With a scarf I always felt a bit exposed.
All the best in your search.
Jacquie x

Thank you so much for all your recommendations and advice - I shall pass them on.

We looked on the Cancerbackup suppliers site but there are no user recommendations, just weblinks.

Thanks again!