Wigs... Where to buy?


I am due to start chemo in oct (not a definite date yet), I would like to get a wig in advance, can anyone recommend where I can get a good quality one? I’m am in Milton Keynes, but will travel around for a good one, price isn’t an issue… I just want it to look as real as possible.

Thank you


Hi Emma


Trendco has a quite large selection of wigs for all budget, trendco.co.uk/


I went to their London branch.


Good luck and take care.



Hi Emma


When I was given my treatment plan they gave me a voucher for £100 towards a wig and a list of local suppliers that accepted the voucher. I went to one of the local hairdressers on the list and they gave me a few different styles to try on then ordered the ones I wanted in the colours I wanted. Took a couple of days to arrive and I then went back in for a fitting with the wigs.


I quite liked this as I got to try before I bought, plus the hairdresser will trim them for you if required.

Hi Emma if you’re happy to travel into the North London area, I can highly recommend Gali wigs www.galiwigs.co.uk particularly if you’ve got mid to long hair. The wigs are made with real hair and they are very realistic. The only downside is they are expensive (c£2k) but people who didn’t know I was going through treatment never knew I was wearing a wig so I felt confident going out and working etc.

Hi Check out www.heathershair.co.uk they provide hair weaves to wear under your hat or scarf. I wore mine the whole time as so easy to wear and people didn’t know it wasn’t my own hair. Loved it and can’t praise them enough. Hoping the chemo treats you kindly. All the best Marie

Order online for any hair wigs. Wigsau is the best place to buy extra ordinary wigs, our aim is to provide you with the branded hair wigs that you want at prices that are convenient for you. by the way, they will also get some coupons. For more info www.ewigsau.com/— check here.

You also try all kinds of hair accessories from here. Customers can get wigs with different hair types, cap construction, colors and style for men and women. 

Emma, you are entitled to a prescription on NHS, and they give you a list of suppliers in your area. This is sometimes easier than travelling miles. I tried a number at my preferred supplier and then came home with my chosen one. No waiting. I was also lucky in that my Trust has a no cap policy re finance, so I was able to have whatever I wanted . I was advised to go for a handwoven one on a lace framework as they are lighter and fit better. I chose one that was just like my own hair. It is short and layered, and even though it is synthetic it still had a £300 tag on it. I love it! ? I have had loads of compliments, and not just from friends and rellys.

Failing that, try this website: www.cewuk.co.uk.    This is a wonderful charity that gives free make up workshops to cancer patients. They also provide a directory of services which you may find invaluable.

Macmillan also have a Coping with Hairloss booklet giving advice on wigs and suppliers. macmillan.org.uk.

All the best for your journey. X