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I just wanted to share an article that was written about me and my wigs as I thought it may help some of you going through Chemotherapy treatment…




Here for advice if anyone wants to ask anything about wigs. I spent a lot of time researching wigs and tried many different styles, brands and types.


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Lottie @pomegranatepeachesartist

Hi lalalottier

Thank you for sharing this with everyone.

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Hi Lottie


Just read the article. Your wigs look good! I’m starting chemo on Tuesday and have an appointment at the MacMillan wig place at the Infirmary on MOnday (I’m also Leicester based so I’m guessing you were at LRI Osborne for your chemo too?). 


I called in at the MacMillan place on spec on Monday. And immediately started crying…and all I could say through my sobs was that the wigs looked horrible!! To be fair though she did point out a couple of wigs that looked better for me, which I shall try on Monday. I have highlighted dark blonde hair just above my shoulders. As its very fine I’m hoping to find a fairly fine wig. Most are quite thck hair. I also want one that has slightly darker roots and a nbatural hairline.


What kind of wigs did you find were the most natural looking? Any good places in Leicester? I’m thinking online will be cheaper?


Like you I’m thinking of getting a couple. One close to my natural hair and one with a blue-ish/silver hue. Although I still want it to look like its my hair. I always fancied trying a bluey silver dye so why not try a blue wig!! 





You look great in your wigs Lottie. A lovely uplifting article X

Hi Lottie Any advice for my synthetic wig whose ends are frizzing after only wearing for about a month? I live in South Africa and have just had a summer holiday at the coast so was thinking its maybe the heat, hair in my neck etc. Ive read that people use a flat iron on low setting but Im a bit nervous!

Thank you! 34 too and running out of time to deal with this! I too loved a silvery wig when I tried some on months ago after diagnosis but I’ve arranged to have my exact colour and style matched- I want to have options too though. It’s a crime that this is only an option if you can afford it. All the best!