Will I be well enough for youngest daughters wedding?

So worried my youngest daughter gets married 9th March. I see my oncologist in 2 weeks time to start chemo, then radiotherapy and hormone therapy. Just cannot see it, she want to postpone it but cannot as she is forces and moving abroad as soon as married for 2 years. Cannot bring myself to look for an outfit as worried incase I put weight on etc. Sorry for waffling just in one of those pissie moods tonight ???

Nanna J, I had chemo buddies who went to weddings during chemo so it is doable.  Can you look for a dress which has a bit of give in it in case you gain weight.  I didnt gain any weight during chemo, in fact I lost a bit.  Cancer and chemo have taken enough already so I’d plan to enjoy your daughter’s wedding, whether thats with a wig or a stretchy dress, just get your glad rags on and say “up yours” to cancer for the day.  You have to be prepared to experience disappointment whilst on chemo but I think planning for optimism is good.  You can take it steady for the day.  After a cancer diagnosis its very difficult to look ahead beyond today and tomorrow but I’ve learned to plan to live now. xxxx

Hi Mai7
Thank you for that, just feel my brain is running a hundred miles an hour ahead of actual moments. This will not beat me, I am normally a very strong, positive person but have just had a **bleep** year (lost my mom 4th Dec last year) and now this. Was with my daughter today, decided to bring the subject (have been trying to protect her ) of me wearing a wig - it went very well and my husband joined in, so we had a serious conversation to start with then it went crazy ??. We are strong ???. Sending big Huggs thank you xx?

Hi Nanna. You will probably surprise yourself with what you can do throughout treatment. We are all different of course but I found chemo pretty doable most of the time. Before starting I thought I would have my head down the loo for 18 weeks which was not the case at all. Like Mai I also lost a little weight. I went to one wedding during chemo, had several nights out with the girls, went to theatre and cinema. One thing BC taught me is that it’s no use waiting for situations to be perfect to do things, just do them. Your daughter will be so happy to have you their that nothing else will matter. Good luck with the outfit shopping. Ruth. Xx

Thank you Ladies

I think I was just over thinking things (like you do?) thank you so much for your kind reassuring words. I have booked and planned things for the next 6 months and if I can attend them I bloody well will be as I am so excited about them all (I love concerts). As you say modern medicine and we all have our own coping mechanism. Chemo is only the start so I have to stay strong. Once again thank you. Sending you big Huggs xx?xx

You will feel very much better  symptom wise if you can fast for 48 hours before your chemo. I did this and my symptoms were far less that the other women on my thread and in my unit.


I followed the guidance of Valter Longo and to give you a bit of encouragement look at the two mice about 40 seconds into this video:



I had not stomach issues, no thrush, no sickness, I did still get tired but over all I did not feel too bad. I did lose my eyelashes and intended to use false ones but my eyes watered non stop and they fell off!


We do have a thread on here about fasting and a few of us have given it a go so explore if you think you would like to try it. I took all of my steroids on and empty stomach too and I was fine.


Also I used a cold cap and never needed a wig. You might like to try that too.

Hi Nanny

The thought of chemo is far worse than the reality. I commuted and worked through nearly 5 months of chemo with no major problems. No sickness or nausea at all, the worst thing was fatigue which wasn’t too bad except during the really hot weather. I don’t think you’ll need to worry about that in March though. My weight has stayed consistent throughout, just fluctuating by the usual 1-2 kgs. I ate normally all the wY through but made sure I was well hydrated and drank loads of water. There’s no reason at all to assume you won’t be absolutely fine for your daughters wedding.