Will I ever live a normal life again?

Hi ladies,
Im 6 months after diagnosis, 6 weeks after radiotherapy. Im on Tamoxifen and doing ok.
Im back to work and everybody including my lovely husband thinks Im doing great. But Im not. Maybe the Thing is out of my body but is stuck in my mind, constantly. Ive got other health issues which my gp totally ignores saying is just me being hypochondriac and that I should go and take advantage that Im still alive and not taking his time.
Im like a robot at the moment, taking care of my two kids and looking forward to going to bed.
Is it how the life will look now?

Hi I am just 7 weeks since surgery and waiting for radiotherapy. I am taking anastrozole and my physical scars are healing. So everyone expects me too to be almost back to ‘normal’. I am still off work and try to fill my days with exercising and researching this horrid disease. I am scared to death of will happen again! I daren’t drink any alcohol or eat anything that might encourage oestrogen. I am so sad I have lost my 'sparkle and confidence. I am grateful it has been removed but despondentthat this is how i must now lead my life!



I totally agree with Optimissy, it is early days and it will get better, dont be too hard on yourselves. I would say now I am 99% of the time totally ok, I still occasionally have a scary day when I get a pain and think it might be something more, the next day its gone and it just that I am getting older.


I work on the basis that life is for living, I am not going to get myself hung up on that extra glass of wine and whether I should have had it or not, but it is something which has taken time to get over.  One thing I would recommend, if you have the opportunity take advantage it, is to perhaps seek some counselling, I know it did me the world of good.


Sending you both loads of hugs xxx





Hi Naza, time for a change of Gp I think, shame on him for his dismissive attitude! We cannot just pick our selves up after a cancer diagnosis and forget it ever happenend, yes there is an element of being thankful we are treated and here still but it runs far deeper than that and is something only those who are fellow cancer survivors can truly understand. 

Talk to your husband, don’t keep him in the dark he can’t help if he doesn’t know just how you are feeling, men don’t tend to pick up on our emotions in the same way we ladies do so if you have a smile fixed on your face he will assume all is well.  No life won’t always be like this, your stuck in a loop and have to get past it, a more sympathetic Gp will help for a start and extra support from your loved ones. Xx Jo 

Hi Ali & Naza,

As Helena & Optimissy says.

There is a period of re-adjustment after going through treatment, we’re all affected to some extent, I remember a low period after completing treatment, but it did pass & I’m now back to life as normal. 


I think most of us re-assess lifestyle after having bc, but I now don’t let it dictate my life or stop me doing things I want to do & I’m certainly not going to stop enjoying my wine, but moderately, of course!

It’s good you’re doing more exercise Ali, that more than anything is protective. It’s also something that I do more of now & I also ensure I maintain a healthy weight. 

Is it an idea to have a break from all that researching? As it probably just keeps the whole anxiety thing going in your mind all the time.


Feeling hypersensitive to any symptoms is also quite usual, I tend to manage it by the ‘3 week rule’ ie if something persists beyond 3 weeks, then get it checked out, it never has to date!

take care

ann x




Your GP’s manner leaves a lot to be desired, are there any others within the surgery that you can see instead.  I think that he is totally out of order and at the end of the day he is employed to help patients not make them feel that they are a nuisance :frowning:


I was told similar to ann if a pain/ache last about 2/3 weeks then get it checked out for your own peace of mind, and to date nothing has ever lasted longer than a day or two, which I have just put down to age :).


It is not easy but you will get there, and you always have us here to help you xxx





Thank you for your kind replies. I really need to pull myself together!! I wish you all a very happy Christmas and all the best for the new Year!!??

Hi Corinne,
I do hope you can get work sorted out soon. I now work 3 days a week & it is so much better.
Wishing you well with the tamox, I’m ok on it so hope it’s better for you.
ann x

Hi ladies I was diagnosed 15/12/16 had my mx last Jan and then chemo & radio. I’ve been on tamoxifen since July but stopped it at Christmas because I can’t bear the side effects. I just get through each day, I go through the motions for my 2 kids. I llive with the dark cloud hanging over me and worry about every twinge. I’m due to see my oncologist on Monday, she did advise me I could have a break from the tamoxifen but I’m seriously considering stopping it for good, I have no quality of life on it. My partner won’t talk about it, he lost his father to cancer 8 months before my diagnosis and can’t cope with the anger and fear he is dealing with. Sorry for the rant ladies x

Im 20 years on so yes you can live a normal life. I worked all through my kimo looked after 3 kids. But to be honest as soon as i had my mastectomy that was it cancer was gone and i never looked back. Maybe i am unusual but i have had 20 happy years since my op when i was 34.

IThe title of this thread is totally how I feel. Im.3 weeks post chemo, dreading starting tamoxifen this week as i have had lots of side effects from chemo. Also having herceptin and need ovary removal surgery and further mastectomy due to brca2 gene.
My life (and how i look) is totally unrecognisable. I cannot imagine and totally dread the thought of going back to work (although financially i may be forced to soon), so tired, emotionally unpredictable, irritable and irrational. I ve isolated myself from everyone (was a private independent individual before) its easier than trying to explain how you feel. Got my name down for counselling.
I was so positive and upbeat when i was diagnosed but its all gone now even though i should be grateful as many are worse off than me.
Sorry huge self pitiful rant . X