Will I feel fit for safari

Hi following routine mammogram I was recalled for scan and biopsy. I have invasive ductal carcinoma and intermediate DCIS.
I am due bilateral mammoplasty on 23/5/24 to be followed by radiotherapy and hormone treatment if results confirm grades.
We have booked a safari holiday so long haul flight and active and hot holiday. I am wondering if I’m likely to enjoy or will I perhaps find it too exhausting and better to postpone .

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You didn’t mention when you are due to go on safari.

I had bilateral wide local incision surgery in July, chemo from September with Herceptin which continues and Letrozole with Zolendronic acid infusions. Radiotherapy was January. Chemo and Herceptin lower my immunity so my situation is different. I still am very tired and have side effects from radiotherapy and continuing treatment. I’m going away in the U.K. so I know I have the NHS as a back up if required.

I would suggest calling your breast care nurse or team for advice. I’ve been on Safari in Kenya and the facilities are quite basic, the healthcare system is more basic and quite a distance from Safari resorts.

Recovery from surgery and radiotherapy is very individual. Radiotherapy is known to make you tired in the weeks after treatment.

You could also contact the BCN nurses

  • Helpline: 0808 800 6000 (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat 9am-1pm). Speak to our trained helpline team. No questions are too big or too small.
  • Ask Our Nurses: You can message our nurses here on the forum, or confidentially. Whatever you prefer.

Hope you get the answers you need. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks, I realize I didn’t mention when safari booked.It would be 6 weeks after mammoplasty.

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Hi there …make sure your insurance will cover you so soon after cancer surgery …if not you may be able to claim on your existing insurance if you decide not to travel …hope it works out for you

Meant to add…if you are mid treatment many insurance companies hike the prices or outright decline …so you may need to shop around…im now 4 years post treatment but the first 3 years really hiked my insurance up and i was unable to go on holiday abroad the year of treatment at all …stay safe

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I had a mammoplasty on 28 feb… don’t want to look like I’m being negative towards what sounds like a fabulous holiday but I’ve had wound break down and fat necrosis post operatively and as of today - 3 May ( about 8 weeks post op) - I still have a breast that is requiring dressings and have been unable to have radiotherapy.
I’d may be recommend leaving till you know you are healed and ready to travel.
Have a great time when you go. X

Thanks Helen sorry to hear things haven’t gone smoothly and hopefully you will soon be sorted.
Realistically I’m not likely to go but as my insurance would cover me as booked before diagnosed i was wondering . Looks like insurance to go next year way too costly so not going to decide just yet
Good luck x

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I would also check with your consultant as they may say whether you should fly or not. I had a lumpectomy and slnb I wouldn’t have flown six weeks after that as I then had to have a full axillary clearance, things change all the time.

Sorry don’t mean to be a misery and I hope you get to go when the time is right

Take care
J xx

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