Will I need radiotherapy?

Been diagnosed with dcis grade 0. About 9 mm. Had lumpectomy. Awaiting results. Will I need to have it should I have radiotherapy?

Hi Hidey. You will have to wait to see what results you get. Your doctor will tell you if you need Radio. Good luck xc

Hi. Thanks for the reply. Just trying to anticipate what the doc will say. Fed up of waiting now.

When did you have your op Hidey?

8 March

Hi Hidey

My sister and I both had DCIS, hers was intermediate grade. She didn’t have radiotherapy or tamoxifen. I had high grade DCIS and have had radiotherapy and tamoxifen. So I guess it depends on what the pathology report says about the grade.

It’s so hard waiting for results and wondering what will happen. If it’s any help, I didn’t find radiotherapy was any real problem,  the worst thing is the travelling if you live a long way away. The thought was much worse than the treatment itself.


Hope you get good results from the pathology, sending you a hug.

Thank you for your kind words. I will be fine once I know the outcome. I’m just not very good at waiting. I don’t mind the thought of radiotherapy. Just hope I don’t need more surgery.