Will my periods return?

Hi, am new to this, I’m 31 years old, finshed chemo in Sept 2009 and have not had any periods since June/ July 2009. I am on tamoxifen, and have been told that if my periods come back they will put me on zoladex. Hormone tests show I am in post menopausal stage. Anyone in a similar position or knows what my chances are of my periods returning? Suffering from hot flushes, night sweats, but not sure if this is due to menopause or tamoxifen. Any views or advice greatly recieved.

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sorry can’t really help so bumping up for you. Im 37 and my periods have come regularly through chemo. Hopefully someone else can help.


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Sorry to miss your post initially.

I’m 25. My period stopped after my 2nd chemo. No sign of it returning, either. Now I’m on Tamoxifen, too. I was told by my onc that my period is very unlikely to return while I’m taking Tamoxifen.

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I was 39 when I had chemo and my periods stopped after the 1st one. Have been on Tamoxifen ever since (16mths) and not had a period at all.

I had blood tests late in the summer and was told that I am not post menopausal, so not having periods is not the only sign.

I think the truth is that we are all different, and yours may return or not.

Sorry that’s not very helpful!

Hi, just read your post about you’re periods returning. Mine stopped half way through chemo, but I was told by my bc nurse that they would return as I’m under 40! I too have started Tamoxifen and am suffering hot/night sweats. My bc nurse said it would take about 12 months for everything to return to ‘normal’
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I was 41 when diagnosed and my periods stopped after my ist chemo by i am now 44 and my periods have just returned i too had night sweats etc and thought that they had gone for good came as a bit of a shock when they came back xx

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Here’s the BCC publication ‘Menopusal symptoms and breast cancer’ which you may find helpful to read:


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Hi Boo and All
I’m glad to have found this thread, this has been on my mind too lately. The information I’ve been given is the same as you, Boo-that I’ll continue on Tamoxifen unless periods return, in which case I’ll have some other from of ovarian supression, probably Zoladex. I was told it was quite likely that my periods would return, mainly due to age. I’m 38, and like you periods stopped during chemotherapy (finished Oct 2008).
I’m interested in the blood tests to establish hormone levels,that hasn’t been suggested to me yet-althoughI seem to have other blood tests fairly often!

Hi again,
I have been told to take my Tamoxifen at night to help with the night sweats and it works! I still have hot sweats during the day, but they’re easier to cope with. I have spoken to various people about my periods returning, but I just get told “everybody’s different”, so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. x

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Have just found your thread. I’m 39 and my periods stayed regular right through chemo and only stopped when I started taking Tamoxifen (I started taking it in Nov 09). However 3 months after starting Tamoxifen my periods have started regularly again. I mentioned this to my Oncologist at my first follow up appointment and he just shrugged his shoulders and said it didn’t matter. However I’d been told by a different Oncologist (I moved hospitals during treatment so had two Oncologists), that if my periods continued that they would have to do something to stop it. I’m really not sure who to believe. Has anyone else been told anything similar? I’m not sure whether to start pestering the hospital again. x

Hi again
Since I last posted on this I have had another check up with my clinical consultant, and the message was very much ‘wait and see what happens, there are several views on this’, similar to the responses others on this thread have had.
Sweetcheex, I was told again that it is important for me to let them know if my periods re-start, but that there can be different views on what they would do in that instance. They said there are lots of women with slightly different drug combinations etc. For example I spoke to a woman recently whose dx was very similar to mine, who was told that Zoladex plus tamoxifen was the best combination for her, where as my consultant said that he would be reluctant to recommend that for me at this stage. I trust my team, and know which consultants I find it easiest to ask about the evidence-I think it is important to ask again if you want more information, and that they should be prepared to talk about the options and evidence.
My consultant advised me to discuss it when I see the medical oncologist next month,if anything useful coms up then I will post it here.x

My periods stopped about 4 months ago, during chemo. My onc has told me to let them know if they come back as will need to start an aromatase inhibitor. This will be a monthly injection and will stop my periods for good.

Julia xx

As regards night sweats, my gp started me on clonidine and it works brilliantly.

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I am really confused as no-one has said I have to tell anyone if my periods come back. They stopped with chemo 4. I just got asked when I started rads when my last one was and nothing more was said.

Hi cmw
I don’t know your situation, but I know it is different for all of us. I was told age, dx, endocrine treatment all have an impact. My cancer was 100% ER+, so having enough oestrogen to restart periods would be significant in that case, but may not be in others.
Hope that may help?! x

Hi Everyone

I too am confused, I had triple negative cancer which means I am not harmone receptive so I am not on any meds at them moment. My period stopped at chemo 4 out of 6 and no sign of it returning. I have had bad night sweats and hot flushes 3 months in and 6 months later both have calmed down but my mood swings are disturbing, lol

Has anyone had experience with being triple negative and does anyone know how soon after chemo you can wait before getting a test to see if you are in menopause and what is the test?
thanks all


I’m new to this so don’t know all the acronyms and terminology being used by some ladies.

I had grade 3 cancer (diagnosed July 2008)and my periods stopped more or less straight away after 2nd chemo (FEC). My cancer wasn’t hormonal, but fairly aggressive invasive ductal carconoma (wrong spelling). I also got menopausal symptoms…your GP can test you for menopause. She also gave me oestrogen pessaries to prevent vaginal atrophy. I saw my oncologist too, fab woman, and discussed HRT, as my cancer wasn’t hormonally caused, we thought we’d give HRT a go. I’ve been on it now for about eight months. It’s worked ie reduced and then no more hot flushes, and a slight bleed every so often. I get some spotting, so have appointment with GP to review types of HRT, and she may change levels; she is a star, and likes to specialise with HRT. I still occasionally use the pessaries.

Hope this helps you. Getting cancer is one thing, but putting up with the s*dding menopause as well just isn’t fair.

I was 34 when diagnosed in October 2008. My periods stopped pretty quickly once I had started the chemo. It was a real waiting game after the treatment finished but the good news is that my periods started again in November 2009. I’ve been on tamoxifen for a year now and saw the Oncologist today because they’re now considering switching off my ovaries as my periods are still happening regularly. It’s a bit frustrating as I was glad my body was returning to normal but am holding off the switching off ovaries decision until I know more. Good luck.

Charmie, I am also triple neg and had horrendous sweats for a couple of months after chemo, my oncologist said it was just ‘everything firing back up again’. Luckily it only lasted a couple of months and my periods come back within 3 months of finishing chemo so I know I am one of the fortunate ones. I bought a Chillo and found that helped a lot.

Hi Charmie, also triple neg. My periods stopped after 2nd chemo. Had bad hot flushes too. I finished chemo in July last year. 9 months on still no periods but hot flushes have started up again. At 40 my onc told me there was a 50/50 chance of them returning. Saw my gynae last week and he seems to think they will come back. Has said to wait 2 months and if still no sign, I will have test done to see if I am menopausal!!!

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