Will the dr think i'm stupid?!

Hi, i’m new to all this and feel abit like i’m wasting people’s time! But I wanted to sort of have a second opinion before going to the dr, I know that sounds silly, but reassurance that i’m not being silly! Last week I found my left nipple was inverted. It hasn’t been before, I don’t know if it was a gradual process that I didn’t notice but that’s how it is now. I had a feel around and about an inch above it I found a small lump. It’s about an inch long and feels like a pebble. It moves around when it’s touched and doesn’t hurt. I read that most cancerous lumps don’t move around like that and so that’s one reassurence. One thing i’m finding is that I worry my dr won’t be able to feel the lump! It’s quite deep under the skin and i’m just so worries they’ll say there’s nothing there and i’ll go away scared as I know there is! It’s all so confusing and scary at the moment. Also my sister-in-law is in remission and so breast cancer is so on my mind at the moment. Thanks for reading, sorry it’s long.x

Hi Layla

Go and see your Dr, you are not being silly at all or wasting anyone’s time. I am a nurse an believe me you are NOT wasting your Dr’s time.

Chances are your Dr will be able to take the necessary steps to put your mind at ease, but beter to be safe than sorry. Do not worry that he or sge will not be able to feel your lump, the fact that you can feel it is enough.

My mother was diagnosed with BC after one of her nipples behaved differently from the other. She was praised for taking such early action and she is now fit and well and totally clear.

Go and make an appointment and let us know how you get on.

Best wishes.
Jackie x

Hi Layla

Go to the doctors, even if he cant find the lump he should still send you to the breast clinic due to your inverted nipple. You are not wasting peoples time, you should get this checked out, and you are definately not being silly. Make the appointment today, it could be nothing but it is better that you know isnt it? The doctor should send you for an emergency appointment (which should be within 2 weeks).

Good Luck Hon

Yvonne xx

Hi Layla

I echo what others have said - go to your doctor. Without meaning to worry you - my lump was quite mobile - and at my appointment at first clinic bc nurse commented on how mobile it was and that was good - well not in my case - later that day I was dx with bc - . I did not write that to panic you - or anyone else - but we are all different, and just because a lump is mobile - dont just assume thats good and it couldnt be bc.

Make an appointment girl
Take care

Hi Layla

You must go to the drs and get referred. I had a lump that moved and felt smooth and my nipple started to go inwards. It took a while to get a diagnosis because nothing showed up on the mammograms or ultrasound, but the core biopses that were eventually done came back with invasive lobular cancer. Keep pushing until you get a definite diagnosis, but don’t delay.

Thanks so much, I wasn’t expecting anyone to reply, it’s so reassuring. I tried to get an appointment today but there wasn’t any. I’ll try again tomorrow and will let everyone know. Thanks so much for the support! xxx

Don’t worry yourself too much because most things are nothing to worry about but if it is something the earlier you get seen the better so don’t delay. On the flip side a couple of days won’t matter either way either basically get yourself an appointment as soon as you can and put your mind at ease.

If it does turn out to be something then we’re all here and you have to remember that most of the people you’ll meet here have had a scare or faced breast cancer. I’ve just had an op to deal with it after finding a lump a month ago and I’m recovering really quickly and having gone to my docs as soon as I noticed has made a difference that’s for sure. Seriously don’t stress and go find out.

Well, I managed to get an appointment for yesterday and saw a wonderful dr who’s new at my gp surgery. She agreed that there was a lump and the nipple had inverted inwards. However, she said that the nipple wasn’t ‘tethered’ inwards, meaning it can be popped out! She said this is a good sign. However, she said the lump looks suspicious and she’s referred me to the rapid response unit at my hospital. I’ll get appt. through asap she said and they’ll do a scan and said they’ll remove some cells to look at. She said it seemed like a lump not a cyst, don’t know if that’s good or bad! But now i’ve been , i’m so much happier. I’m nervous about the appt but at least the first part’s out the way and I know i’m not being stupid now! But she did keep stressing that my age really went in my favour and to hold onto that. Thanks again for all the support, I don’t feel so alone. xx


I am really glad you have taken the first steps. You should get an appointment through quickly. Normally its a one stop appointment - I got a mammogram first, days before actual appointment, and on day saw docs, had ultrasound and fine needle aspiration - if they see anything suspicious then they normally do a biopsy, which is done after having a local anaesthetic injection so you dont actually feel pain with the biopsy. It can be a long day having all this done so I would take someone along with you for support - I went on my own thinking it would be nothing and I felt so alone when I got probable dx.

Good luck - fingers crossed it will be nothing for you and you wont have to join us here for long.

Let us know

Hi Layla

Well done for taking the first step. Let us know when your appointment is and be sure to pop on here now and again when you are feeling worried.

Yvonne xx

Got my appointment through, it’s for tomorrow morning. Seemed like it took ages but actually it was only a week! Fingers crossed anyway. My husband is coming with me and will stay with me as long as he can although he’ll ahve to go and get our children if it over runs so we’ll see!xx

Good luck Layla, hope it all goes well for you! Hopefully I won’t have much more of this awful waiting to do

Good Luck for tomorrow Layla.

Yvonne xx

Hi Layla

Just wanted to wish you loads of luck for tomorrow, got my fingers crossed for you.

Jackie xx