Winding myself up

Hallo all.
I’ve been reading so much on here lately…so many inspiring stories to tell…I am writing for some support…been hanging onto this fear for a while and told only my partner so far. I’m 38.
Haven’t been dx…have a referral to breast clinic for 2 weeks’ time. I wanted to talk about what has gone on with me physically and get some perspective perhaps.
I have felt generally unwell since May…feel like I constantly have a virus. There is always a swollen gland in my neck (this has been present for 4 months or so now). My GP has sent me for 2 blood tests which come back with nothing abnormal detected…several have claimed there is no neck swelling but I can feel it every day!
A long time ago, perhaps over Summer, I noticed I had 4 small moles appear on one nipple, very dark. I didn’t think much of it as since having kids I have developed tons of freckles, pigment on the arms etc. About 6 weeks ago my nipple began to invert. Its never happened before and the areola tends to pucker right at the top when this happens. For the last few days the pores above my nipple on the skin of the breast have begun to enlarge. It doesn’t look like the typical orange-peel skin (but how does this present itself at the very start?).
I have no lumps or bumps but i am driving myself crazy with worry. The nipple also either itches or feels ‘pulled’.
I know there could be a totally innocent reason for an inverted nipple but coupled with the neck swelling on the same side and the general ill feeling I am so so scared.
If you managed to get this far, thanks for reading.

Nobody can tell you what’s going on until you go to the breast clinic because it could be something or nothing and I’m so sorry you’re having this worry over something that might be nothing, You do have to have it checked out though and remember to come back and tell us how you get on,
Good luck,
Margaret x x x

Hi mumofmuppets and welcome to the BCC forums

You may wish to call our helpline whilst you are waiting for your appointment, they can offer you further support, information and a listening ear, the lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2 on 0808 800 6000

I am posting a link to the BCC publication ‘Referral to a breast clinic’ which you may find useful too:

Best wishes

MofM just want to send you a hug as you are obviously worried… I do hope it’s something innocent but if it your worst fears we are all here with support and advice to help you through it.

Much love xxx

Thank you for replying and giving such nice support.
Appt. is a week today and I have a lot of different feelings about
it. Last week i found it hard to even consider i might get bad
news…but now i feel less optimistic. I now have a considerable
patch of total numbness on the areola…and the nipple still
inverts mostly. Some aching of my arm. is it possible there
can be lumps or a mass that can’t be felt? I have done exams
in the shower, lying down etc.
I need to know…could what i am experiencing be cancer? i want
to prepare myself. I have two children under 4.

MofM sorry your still feeling very anxious… It really is horrible waiting… And yes any symptoms COULD be cancer but most symptoms are NOT cancer. that is why you are being referred to the breast clinic so they can investigate… Unfortunately rarely can a clinician make a difinitive diagnosis based on symptoms alone… They need to do investigations like clinical exam, Mammo and ultrasound to give a better idea… If they are still concerned or sees or feel something that needs clarification they normally go on to do a biopsy.

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing what it is until you get your appointment… Some people try and think positively so they don’t spend the time waiting for their appountmen in a state of worry, some people try to prepare themselves for the worst, some people google to within an inch of their life and can terrify themselves.

If you do google try to use reliable websites like nhs, gov or ac websites and not things like wrong diagnosis which can scare th living daylights out of you.

Take care xxxx