wire guided lumpectomy

please can anyone tell me what it’s like to have wires placed in the breast before surgery to guide the surgeon to the site?

This is the bit that petrifies me the most, even more than the surgery itself,.

i have just been diagnosed with a new primary, its DCIS, ; I first had invasive ductal cancer in 2010



Hi Trudy

I had the guided wire put in prior to surgery back in April 2020 and I can honestly say I didn’t feel a thing. I had a long wait to go into theatre and had the wire sticking out of me for about 4 hours but I couldn’t feel it.

good luck with your surgery!

Hello @trudy2010  

Sorry to hear you find yourself here again.I had a wire guided lumpectomy in early 2020.I was taken for an ultrasound first thing and given a local  anaesthetic and the wire(s)-I had two- were put in .Then a mammogram to check they were in the right position and a bit more hanging around while  my surgeon checked the mammogram to make sure he was happy it was in the right position.

I honestly didn’t feel a thing or find it painful in any way.I remember looking at it and thinking it was slightly odd-they trimmed it off so there weren’t long loops of wire hanging out-and the ultrasound was done in semi darkness so I didn’t see it go in.

Good luck!