wire localisation and surgery

I had this done last Tuesday and Wednesday and will have to wait like everyone else to get the results, I feel very tender and have strange sensations in my breast is this normal, I am not taking any pain killers as it isn’t that bad just very uncomfortable is this normal

hi i had this done on 1st dec 09 and i still have strange feelings in my breast, im assuming your tumour,like mine, was extreemly small miine was 6mm and tubular. i had snb and wle and 15 x rads

I had surgery for a 8mm tumour in June 08 and then 25 lots of rads, and I still sometimes get strange heavy feelings in my breast and for ages after the op I got real “stabbing” pains which were very painful. I understand it’s all completely normal and is the nerve endings touching. My consultant said that some women get it for years after their treatment!

Thank you very much it’s nice to know i’m not over reacting, I’m sure alot is in my head. Thanks again

Hi All

Am due to have wire localisation and surgery for high grade dcis on the 8th April. Both biopsies came back non invasive but surgeon said this might change when they do tests on this. Very woried about getting the wire in, can anyone tell me what it’s like. the waiting is the worst thing.

hi i had mine in dec 09 and like you i had worked myself into a right state but honestly in the whole scheme of things its quite a minor procedure, i had convinced myself it was equivalent to a steel girder!! lol its a very fine wire almost as fine as hair they will numb the area and it takes literally a few seconds to do.
good luck

I would agree with everyone else about the wire insertion not being that bad, but the nurses advised that I might have alot of bruising and they were right I was black and blue afterwards.

Thank you so much for answering questions, I am new to this site and like a lot of women completely confused, I was told that I would get results 1 week after surgery. It’s good to know what to expect from the wire, not so worked up about it now and also that I can expect to be black and blue. Thank you all again and my good wishes to you all.

Hi Heatherb
Had my op 3 weeks ago and it was fine having the wire in. Yes you will have a lot of bruising I think this part of the course.
Hope everything goes well for you.
Let me know how you get on.
Weeannie x

Hi Heatherb- As Tippi says, it really is nothing very bad. A fellow patient of mine got herself into a real state about the wire insertion, which was a bit off- putting! I was next in line and had to wait for quite a long time while extra staff (nurses) were found to calm her so the technician/doctor could go ahead.
In the event, when my turn came, it really was no big deal; everyone was very reassuring - and competent -and it wasn’t painful at all. The subsequent mild bruising, in my case, was from the WLE &SNB surgery, not the wire insertion.

i had no bruising from wire and very little from surgery!maybe it depends where on the boob

thank you once again feeling much more relaxed about it now, never thought i would say that!!! will let you know how i get on thank you for your support.

I’m going to be having this too, I didn’t know there was a name for it. I was told i would just get some sort of numbing cream on the area first - whereas I was hoping for a local anaesthetic, but now I understand why I wouldn’t need that. I’m glad I’ve read this now because I had a vision of some big fat wire sticking out of me :slight_smile:

Why do they need to put it in though? How does a bit of wire help them locate the area?

SG xx

I had this done last week. It really didnt hurt at all, literally just a little prick. They put the wire in, while having an ultrasound (for me anyway). The reason is to mark out the area they need to take out. I was told its normally used for lumps that cant be felt, (although i could be wrong).
I had two lumps, one could be felt, one couldnt, so i had a wire guided biopsy.

I get the results of mine on monday (the days seem to drag in)

Hi Heatherb,

Don’t set too much store by when they tell you that you’ll have the results. I had my initial op on a Thursday and my surgeon told me he would have the results by the following Tuesday, but actually it took another whole week after that. Also, if there is a delay, don’t automatically assume it means bad news. I had got into a terrible state and was convinced they were hiding bad news from me as I spent that extra week in hospital being treated for a bleeding disorder, but my fears were unfounded and the news was late, but good.

Also, the wire localisation for me was easy and painless - don’t worry about it at all.

E xx

Hi All

Good to know all of these things before hand, thanks for the heads up on waiting for the results, you just tend to believe everything your told is exact. Before asking this question on here I also thought that the wire would be large and thick, just goes to show you should talk to the ladies who know, they are after all the true experts. Thanks all once again. xxxx

hi spudgirl, i was told that as my tumour was so small it should be pinpointed for the surgoen i assume so they only make the cut as small as needs be. my lump could not be flet throught my skin whioch is why they did it

Hi All
Had my op yesterday morning and back at home last night, you were all right!!! the wire was not at all uncomfortable and am not in any pain from the op. Get my results in 2 weeks time so it’s just wait and see. Thank you all once again for your comments and support cant describe how much it has helped me.

Love Heatherb