Wire localisation, isotope & blue dye

Hello everyone.

Thank you all so much for your help.

I am due to have a wire localisation in the morning of the day before my wle & slnb ± anc on 05 September.

I’m not sure what to expect from the procedure. Does anyone have any experience that they are willing to share? Is it painful? How did you manage with a wire for a whole day before your op? Is the wire at risk of moving?

I have all these questions & am a bit scared of the unknown.

I’m also having isotope & blue dye the day before my op (in the afternoon). I’m a bit scared and unsure what to expect with this too. Is this painful?

Thanks very much everyone & good luck.

Hope you got on ok? It probably seems like a distant memory now. I’m due to have the same thing next week I’m crossing di gets it all goes ok.

Hi llangal,


I had my wire put in day of the op, i was very worried before, but it was over in a flash, slight scratch fron anesectic like when you have for biobsy, and i didnt feel a thing when they was putting wire in, after they put a plastic cup over it to secure it so you got less chance of knocking it, i felt like madonna lol, after i had the isotope injection, again this was absolutley fine, i had the blue dye done in theatre, hope this helps, good luck with your treatment.



Thanks, crossing fingers all goes well. X