Wish I could harness that Gok feeling.

Just replied to the Gok thread and though I am absolutly full of admiration for Kelly and the programme, I wish I could harness that confidence about myself. My self image is very low. I am going on holiday soon (south spain) so it will be hot. Have bought 2 strappy tops from Ameona which were expensive and look just ok. Trying on new clothes in front of a mirror is horrendous. It’s not so much the 1 boob, but the rolls of fat and big belly. Some days I am very bloated, look 7 mths pregnant (that’s not an exageration either). Put on 2 stone during chemo etc.

I just can’t loose weight. Several reasons, I comfort eat a bit, like a glass or 2 of wine (liquid cream cakes), but also I can’t exercise due to balloon knee at present which won’t shift.

I long to be slim again. My mast scar is very high too. I could never wear the clothes Kelly did, you would see it and its purple and lumpy too. Also I had all of my muscle removed so have a big dint and my ribs and sternum stick out at the top, horrible!

Don’t really know what I am expecting from here, just feel like a moan! Can you buy will power?! At least then I could budge the fat.


Irene I feel exactly like you, weight is an issue for same reasons and Iam also going on hol in July.

I had a quarter of my breast taken away in April and my worry now is that you can really see the difference in size.I am 38dd so a lot to focus on!!!
I know you can get a prosthesis for mastectomy but what can I do to make them look the same size??

At least we are alive with our weird shapes ans sizes hey.

Take Care


Mary - Chicken fillets! You get them in all shapes and sizes to fill in your gap. Originally they were used to ‘beef’ up flat chested peeps, pushed into sides of bra to add to cleavage. All the good internet shops stock them. Ameona, Nicola Jane, and you can even get them on ebay from silicone sally!

Failing that, try a sock! Only joking, hope you don’t mind. I figured as your’e a scouse I was safe with that one!!!


Hey Irene
Us scousers are ‘really serious girl’
Gave me a little laugh reading your post something i need right now. If we say Put a sock in it, ya will know what we mean.
I loved the programme with Gok and Kelly but i must admit i wished i was as slim as her.
I wont even think of costumes or low tops or going abroad as the heat would just make my flushes worse.

Onc appt tomorrow and had a really awful week breathless and naseous.

Can’t wait for our scouse meet up, maybe we should invite the queen she was here in Liverpool today.


Thanks Irene
I will try after I get this infection sorted and rads out of the way- - chicken fillets not socks me thinks ha ha!!

Sorry you are not too good ,just read your other thread also-hope onc appt goes well.

We don’t need royalty - we are special enough.

Take Care


Hi Irene,
Try peppermint for the bloating, (Colpermin is good) and vitamin E for the scar, it usually helps.
I’m with the other ladies with the high dent, really p*** me off. I’m wondering whether to try a stick on boob, then I could possibly wear halter necks or something, all the usual camisoles are too low.
I was intrigued that Gok used chicken fillets to give Kelly’s bust a bit of a boost on both sides, now there’s an idea… would need a bigger cup size bra though I suppose.

You might joke about the sock, but when my aunt had breast cancer about 40 years ago and had a mastectomy, she was told to stuff her bra with a sock as prostheses were unknown at that time! Put that down as a Reason to be Cheerful .

Have a good weekend,

Hi Sue

Yes had heard that about socks being used in the past. What time of day would I take the peppermint? My scar is 18 mths old and hasn’t changed at all in the past year so not sure if Vit E would do much.

It wasn’t until I had had my op that I realised how high the scar was. Didn’t think to ask for it to be lower, and there wasn’t a real reason for it to be where it is, there was room lower. Plus the dam dogs ear, charming name for an ugly, uneccessary flap of extra skin. All my female docs agree there doesn’t need to be one, just more care needed during op!

Thats todays moan out of the way! Off to water me plants and bring the washing in, life goes on ay!


Dear Irene

If your scar is still red and lumpy after 18 mths, ask your gp if they will prescribe dermatix gel. You could buy it over the counter but it costs about £40 a tube. I had a delayed recon last Oct and am still using it on parts of my tummy scar as it didn’t heal very well. I was surprised how quickly my other scars - the belly button one and my new boob - started to turn white. After my mx over 3 years ago I used vitamin e cream and massaged the scar regularly. It turned white after about 18 mths.

Also is it worth discussing with your consultant about having the dog ear removed. I don’t know but maybe they could do it using local anaesthetic?

EFT can be good at helping people resolve issues both physical and emotional. I’m sure there must be a therapist near you. Google it and you should find more info.

Hope this helps


Thanks for the tips fantan. I suppose I just thought it was as healed as it was going to be. I’ll consider your suggesttion, but at present trying to get help with more serious stuff (continuous aches and pains).

Also, what is EFT?!