Wish Me Luck


I’ve got my first appointment with a plastic surgeon tomorrow. I’d originally asked to be referred to a different hospital to allow me to speak to someone who performs the DIEP Flap but then decided I didn’t like the consultant I had so have permanently transferred to a nicer better hospital thats a bit further from home but is where my son has his chemo and where I had mine ten years aqo.

Anyway, I have an hour long appointment with the Sister in the Plastics Outpatients and then an appointment with the Plastic Surgeon himself. I’ve already decided I don’t want the DIEP right now and would just prefer implants so hopefully tomorrow will go well and fingers crossed while I’m there Ill get my appointment date with the Breast Doctor guy whoever that may be, lol.

My son also has a clinic appointment there tomorrow afternoon so it’l be a long day but I’m still feeling fairly positive right now which has gotta be good. Bet I don’t feel the same when I need to get up early in the morning to get ready to go there, lol.

Wish me luck, xxx

Lots of luck and best wishes, I’m sure it’ll all go well. Best wishes for your son’s recovery also. Pat x