With bone mets and need a comfy but supporting chair to sleep in

Hi, I’ve just been diagnosed with bone mets 4 years after primary bc. Treatments will start next week but still waiting for pain meds to be sorted.

My right shoulder blade and ribs and left hip are really painful so can’t really sleep on either side or on my back. Any recommendations for a comfy but at the same time really supporting chair that I could sleep in? 

Any other tips also welcome to allow me to get some proper sleep. Thanks 


I don’t think any chair would be as comfy or as good for your posture and skin as a bed to sleep in but the aids and adaptation shops/companies have show rooms where you can try them out. I also believe you can sometimes hire them as can be costly if your not sure and now also now tend to come with pressure relieving cushion bases for improved comfort. 

You could consider a profiling bed with a good memory foam mattress, I have heard that you can’t go wrong for example with a Tempur, Emma, Eve etc etc mattress certainly for women with bone secondaries or general aches and pains. Good luck in your search and trying out of chairs and or beds. 

I agree, bed is for sleep and I think a chair would throw up other problems. I would be asking my GP for good painkillers temporarily while the hospital sorts you. Also, why not give CBD oil a go. The oil on sale now is quite legal and could be beneficial in the short term. Good luck. X