WLE 4 days ago...feeling pretty good

I read a lot on this forum just before I went into hospital so I thought I would say how I was for the procedure. I like to be mentally prepared and not have any surprises on the day.
I had a bit of a palaver with the wire incision but it is no worse than a biopsy. Surgery itself went ok, I was in pain when I woke up but was given IV pain relief. I had about 3 hours on the day surgery ward and then came home. Before I left my surgeon came to see me and my husband to explain (and show) what she had done. At that point I didn’t really want to look but she made me and it really was ok, she must be used to ladies being nervous. I don’t know what I was expecting in my mind but from the top looking down all I could see was the dressed cut around my nipple, and swelling and bruising to the lower part of my breast. She removed more than I thought and said results will be 2/3 weeks. When I was allowed to get changed to go home I went into the toilet and my husband helped me get dressed and then I saw what she had done in the mirror. I was very bruised, the dressing was tight giving the look of my breast being square which I hope will go once the dressing off at the end of the week. It was also really obvious how much smaller one side was to the other now and I had a wobble at that point…vain I know but I couldn’t help it. The next couple of days were pretty sore and trying to sleep on my back is hard as I’m so used to being on my side, If I roll in the night I still wake up with it hurting. I went out for lunch yesterday with my family and had a wonder around some shops and lunch with a friend today. It is uncomfortable in fact it is painful at times but nothing to the extent I thought it was going to be.
I thought that the hospital had forgotten to give me an exercise leaflet when I was discharged but it is in the Breast Care folder that I was given at the results appointment. I can do most of the exercises ok except hands above my head or arms back, these will take a few more days. Having to stop HRT straight away has given me.back awful hot flushes and that is making me feel ropey.
Please try not to worry if you are going in soon for this procedure and good luck with it. I was so glad some of the ladies reassured me before I went in.

Well done, Manadeacs for posting this very positive outline of your procedure. I am sure ‘newbies’ will take heart from it. Some ladies have found sage tea, and sage itself very helpful as a natural remedy for hot flushes. Good luck on your journey. X

Thanks Annie…I will hang around for the support with radiotherapy coming up (hopefully if margins ok). Can you get sage in somewhere like Holland & Barratt? Xx

Thanks for this-very helpful as I have my procedure next week

You are very welcome, good luck with your op xx