WLE and Node clearance

4 days after Wle and node clereance and boob feels very sore to touch and the itching is driving me crazy … Hence being awake at this godly hour. Anyone have this as well … Also glands under neck up quite sore … Is this because nodes taken out ? Thanks for any advice x

hi Cocolily (love the name!),
unfortunately this is all normal with the op.
The scars start to heal hence the itching and all the rummaging around on both boob and nodes site disturbed the nerves which are now also coming back.
You will get weird electric sensations all around the area and also down your arm for a few good weeks.
I found that bio oil on the scars helped and blue active gel (from amazon but not on the scars) really worked on the arm, muscles and cording.
Keep doing your exercises too as they do really help xx