WLE and SNB surgery done today

My surgery has finally happened and I am so relieved it’s been taken out of me :slight_smile: the lump which was 12mm was taken out and one lymph node taken out for biopsy.

Had a guided wire inserted into my breast and radioactive dye injected into the nipple. Both procedures were uncomfortable but not painful as adequate pain relief is provided.

Op was carried out with two incisions for the lump and the armpit area. Feels sore and get twinges of pain but apart from that there’s no pain. Do have a blue nipple and pass blue pee.

Fingers crossed that it hasn’t spread and that it is confined to the breast. So all the other ladies that are due to have this op though it is uncomfortable its not painful and totally doable :slight_smile: xx

Hi Sandie


Well done, glad it all went ok, it’s not great but you will feel better now it’s over.


I had the same 10 weeks ago, a wle and snb and mine was 9mm.   I still have a blue breast 10 weeks later lol

I start my radiotherapy in the morning.


Rest up and take it very easy for a week or more - hope all goes well with your recovery and your results are good,


Jaye x

Hi jaye

Thanks Jaye :slight_smile: feel relieved that finally something has been done to treat the cancer. Good luck with your radiotherapy in the morning see it as another step towards a full recovery xx

Hi Zu

Thanks for your positive story about tamoxifen. Have heard so many bad stories about it that it has made me afraid of taking it. I hope I will be able to tolerate it like you have done :).

Due to a longstanding bladder reflux, I have been on antibiotics on and off for many years and have suffered from no side effects at all from these medications. Hope this will be the case with the tamoxifen or if I do have some the side effects will be mild xx