WLE next Thurs, have a UTI

Hi…I am having WLE on 14th September but I am on antibiotics…will it affect the surgery going ahead?
I have had 4 bouts of the same since the end of June, protein, blood and white cells each time and blood test showed slightly abnormal kidney function test. I had a kidney and bladder scan this week as they thought maybe a kidney stone but nothing was seen. I am worried it might prevent my operation from happening.

Hi.  I don’t have the answer, but I can tell you there’s very little that stops the operation, as the WLE is considered urgent.  They told me, when I had mine done, that under normal circumstances they would have stopped mine because of my blood sugar level, but the surgery was too urgent.  It’s a pity these questions always occur to us one weekends, don’t they, when there aren’t any professionals around?

Hi Pecan…thanks for coming back to me. I had a few hours in hospital yesterday afternoon feeling really rough and in pain with this. My kidneys still hurting a lot this morning, hopefully antibiotics kick in quickly. I will stay off work tomorrow and rest, I’m not a very patient patient that’s half my problem!
Nikki x

Thanks Helena…it feels like one thing after another at the moment. After the shock of it all happening so quickly I don’t think I could cope with a delay now, I have syched myself up for it. For a usually person my body is being a biatch right now. Xx

My employers have been great so far, I have been lucky. This will be my 4th surgery in 7 months (gynae surgery that got cocked up, long story I will share at some point) so I dare say my immune system is low. Last lot of surgery only 4 weeks ago and not fully recovered from that yet. Do you think I would be better finishing work altogether now? Xx

Sounds like your body is telling you to rest Mama ? If your employers are understanding take the next few days off. Hope you get the op over with this week as planned .

Hi…thought I would add an update.
I had my WLE done 12 days ago and continued taking the antibiotics for UTI as normal. Op went well, I’m still pretty sore at times and uncomfortable sleeping but ok with painkillers. 3 days after the last lot of antibiotics I get another UTI - GRRRR fed up now. Another lot of different pills and wait until today for the results so GP can put me on a maintenance dose. So today my GP phoned me to say the sample didn’t grow anything!! Every time it has been sent away to be tested it was blood, protein and white cells. Doctor said was high indicating a raging infection. Now she is concerned there maybe a link that needs investigating to my early bc and these other symptoms I’m getting. I have to go see her, she said it wasn’t a conversation for the phone she wanted to see me face to face…but next available appointment is next Tuesday which by chance is also the day my MDT meet to discuss my results. Nothing like making me stressed for another week!
Does anyone have any idea what it could be?? Today was the first time I had a wobble and some tears. Sleeping is awful hence very late post.
Nikki xx

Thanks Cathy…I wasn’t expecting a reply tonight. I think I probably could see another GP but I so rarely go to the Drs and mine of 24 years just retired I am hesitant to see one of the ‘newbies’ in there and have to keep repeating everything. Hope you get some good rest too xx

Morning Cathy…yes I got some sleep thanks between the hot flushes and needing to take some paracetamol! Our poor bodies don’t know what has hit them, all I’ve done is surgery and come off HRT so far…haven’t even got to radio and tamoxifen yet.
Today is another day and I am not going to fret! I shall be back to my normal patient self, wait for the appointments and take the blooming painkillers regularly.
Have a good day :slight_smile: xx