WLE next Tuesday for low grade dcis......feeling scared!

Hi everyone, 

I’m having surgery next Tuesday, wle, for low grade dcis. I was feeling ok about it but have tonight been reading some threads and so many say they have had to have  a second wle because the margins weren’t clear and needed radiotherapy afterwards. 

i am feeling really scared now that this isn’t going to be as straightforward as I thought, I have honestly been thinking ‘ah, day stay surgery get it over and done with and that will be the end of that’  now my mind is running away with me!

Is there anyone out there that has had a wle and literally nothing else done at all afterwards and that has been the end of it?

Also, what is the recovery like?

Feels like I’ve been waffling sorry, lol…x 

Hi Leslo

Whilst it is true that some folk need a 2nd op if there isn’t a clear margin, it is also true that most don’t. I had WLE and SLNB in December and prior to the op I said half-jokingly to the surgeon “I’m too old to worry about a dent in my breast and I don’t want to be back here in a few weeks time for another op, so whatever amount of tissue you think you need, take out a bit more for luck.” He smiled benignly.  As it turned out he DID get a clear margin, also node was clear, and I’ve a very neat couple of scars and no dent either.

I had radiotherapy but more as a “belt and braces” thing to mop up any stray cells that might still be floating around, and I didn’t have any side-effects from that either, and felt grateful for it as it made me feel I was doing eveything possible to prevent a recurrance. I think it is true to say that most people post here if they are having problems, and those who do not have probs tend not to post, though I do from time to time if i think i can reassure someone. The day after my op i was in the pub with friends (water only I hasten to add…) minimal discomfort - just taking paracetamol and ibuprofin for a week or so -and walking half an hour a day to begin with. Do the arm exercises they give you from day 2 to ensure shoulder mobility if you are having a node out. What I had and you are having really is easy compared with some other ladies on here who have had more extensive surgery, and if you are offered radiotherapy don’t hesitate to take it. I take a hormone tablet daily and that’s OK too so far.

Good luck next week and post on here afterwards to let us know how it went. xxxx

Hi, Just to reassure you, I had WLE on 14 March. Clear margins all round. There was no pain really, and I am completely healed now, but with one tit a bit smaller than the other. I think they will even them up for you if you ask.


In my case they found a tiny area of microinvasion, which means I have to go back and have a lymph node biopsy next week. My DCIS was intermediate though unlike your diagnosis. If they offer radiotherapy after that, I will accept it. 


I do understand how you feel, I felt just the same. Now I am in the middle of it I feel rather better oddly, and keep telling myself that they have probably got it all out of me so I no longer have it. I will deal with the rest of it when it happens. Best of luck.

Hi Leslo, sorry to hear that you are dealing with this but i almost wrote the same post last september when i was diagnosed with high grade DCIS. I was really scared of the op but i neednt have been. The doctors and nurses were fantastic and reassuring. I went to theatre at 11am, woke in recovery about 12.30 and went home at 5pm afterctea and toast. I didnt have much pain at all and only took paracetamol. They got clear margins on 3 sides with me so i then had a cavity shave op which was quicker than the first op and again recovery was good. I did get shooting pains about 3 weeks after the op, it was nerves healing but again paracetamol did the job. I also had 15 shots of radiotherapy which made me a bit tired and gave me a red boob but i returned to work 3 weeks after finishing. It is scary facing these things but this forum has honestly been a fantastic source of support and reassurance. Good luck on Tuesday and just remember to take it easy xxx

Good luck tomorrow Leslo. 


I had  my WLE two years ago. Surgeon did a lovely neat job. I did have radiotherapy as there was some high grade DCIS, but actually that was fine. I worked all the way through, although I was tired at the end. The hospital were fantastic and sorted all my appointments so they were early in the day or after work so I didn’t miss much time and more important to me, didn’t have to explain to anyone I didn’t want to know. I didn’t get sore, just had a weird tan for a while, but that’s long since faded


I’m sure all here will be sending good wishes your way xx

Morning ladies,

Had my surgery yesterday, all went fine apart from feeling really rough and tearful afterwards but that will be the horrible anaesthetic, just the way I react to it! 

Very slight soreness this morning but nothing much at all. Very bruised already but that’s to be expected. Feel so much better now it’s all done just got the follow up appnt now to see if any other treatment needed, I hope not, but if so I’ll deal with it then. 

Thanks for your support everyone and taking the time to message on this thread. Will update after follow up appnt. Xx 

Thank. You Ali for your message x 

Hi Leslo and Tigony. Glad surgery is over for you both and i do think the anaesthetic makes you emotional but i also think its a release of all the tension and worry that you have waiting for surgery. Take care of yourselves now and take it easy. Let us know how you both get on with results xx

Hi ladies,

Jist thought I’d leave a bit of an update, you never know who it may help in the future! 

So it’s day 6 after surgery, bruising is now a nice shade of yellow, no soreness just the odd pain every now and then, maybe a bit of nerve pain I don’t know. 

I have taken it easy, no strenuous stuff at all and luckily been well looked after by my husband and two sons.

I’m feeling ready to get back to normal! 

There was one hiccup though, due to the strong painkillers I took for a couple of days I have had severe constipation all be it eating well to try and avoid it. Last night it was unbearable and I was in tears, in fact floods of tears, sobbing really. I think that actually this was more to do with me letting go of all the emotions I’ve kept inside and was actually a release of those. Haven’t cried like that for a long time. It did me good but reminded me that I really must not keep all these emotions pent up inside me! 

My follow up is on Friday to get my pathology results, hoping for clear margins all round. 

Hoping all you ladies are ok xxx 

Good luck tomorrow Tigony and Leslo for Friday x

Great news Tigony and huge relief!! Delighted for you. Good luck tomorrow Leslo xc

Hi ladies,

Great news today, my surgery was successful all margins clear! ? no further treatment as the risks of radiotherapy far out way the benefit for me so a follow up in a years time. I am very relieved and feel very lucky!

Thank you to all of you for your lovely messages and thoughts for me, I really appreciate it…I will check back from time to time for any updates. Tigony I hope all goes ok for you, I will look out for any update from you too …take care all xxx 

Hi ladies I have been reading this thread this morning as I have an appointment tomorrow to discuss my treatment. I have intermediate DCIS. My initial thoughts were WLE but then I have been panicking about clear margins and wondered if mentality I would be better off having a mastectomy and DIEP flap reconstruction which I am apparently suitable for. I am very concerned how I will look afterwards. Not particularly vain and a happily married 53 year old but for me, my boobs are important to how I feel about myself. I applaud ladies who can not get so hung up over this aspect. It encourages me to read of those who have had WLE successfully. Can I ask have you managed to keep your nipple and happy with your appearance. Any affect on your personal relationship. Sorry to ask am worrying so much on this aspect. Grateful for any thoughts.

Hi kathryn
I have not had WLE but i had mx with diep 6 wks ago after diagnosed intermediate dcis.
Just give me a shout if i can help in any way x

Hi Kathryn

I had a large area of high grade DCIS above the nipple. It was removed in a WLE and the remaining tissue was moved around to recreate the breast shape, and the nipple was moved higher up. The only incision was around the areola. The treated breast looks normal, there is some scarring round the areola because I had to have a second operation to get better margins. But mostly the treated breast is a better size and shape than before. I did have to have breast reduction to the good side after all the treatment was over.


I was worried sick about what I would look like, my surgeon told me he would get the best cosmetic result with a lumpectomy, so I took his advice. He said I could have mastectomy at a later stage if the result wasn’t good.


It’s a difficult decision, and in the end I think your surgeon is the best person to tell you what the outcome of a lumpectomy is likely to be. I think normally you only lose the nipple if the cancer is directly underneath or very close.


I actually prefer my new smaller breast shape, but I was quite well endowed to start with. It was really important to me to feel I looked normal getting undressed, it was part of getting my life back.


Your BCN may be able to show you some photos of women who’ve had reconstructions and lumpectomies to help you decide. With DCIS there’s no hurry to decide. 


Good luck with your appointment tomorrow, sending you a hug.


I’m at the same stage as you almost. I’ve had the lumpectomy and am now waiting to hear whether I need more surgery or radiotherapy. It feels like a long journey. What happened with your treatment in the end?

Hi ladies I just wanted to thank you for your replies to my comment on this thread. For some reason I had not received notification of replies hence my lateness in thanking you. I am now awaiting date for mastectomy with DIEP flap reconstruction as unfortunately due to there being three separate areas my surgeon said this would get me a good cosmetic result. He picked up on the fact of how important this is to me. I am extremely nervous. Can’t quite get my head around staying in hospital for best part of a week and having to rely on others to help me with personal stuff such as washing. I keep trying to see beyond it and telling myself that life can and will be normal afterwards. Hoping I am stronger than I think! One thing I have discovered is how kind people are. I have always suffered from low self esteem so it has been wonderful to feel such love from my husband daughters family and friends. Also the support of the ladies on this forum (some of whom have contacted me personally). I keep re- reading your words of encouragement - they are so helping to get me through until I can put all this behind me. Happy Easter everyone! Xxx