WLE & recon

WLE & recon

WLE & recon Hi,

I went in for my WLE on Wednesday 25th April where they took 1/2 of my breast away and used the muscle from my back to do an immediate recon.

They anticipated i would be in hospital for 4-5 days but i cam out on Friday 27th as i was hardly in any pain. I took cocodemol and ibroprofen until the Sunday morning and haven’t need anything since.

My surgeon was absolutely fantastic and the scarring is amazing i had disolvable sitches which are nearly all gone, the part which looks worse at the moment is right in my arm pit but otherwise it is a thin straight line (like i’ve scratched myself) from my armpit to to just level with the bottom of a bra. i have got the smallest dint in my back where they pulled the muscle from that me and partner both struggle to find it when showing people!

I would say the worse part of it all were those damn drains and trying to move about with them but they weren’t in long.

I understand everyone heals differently but i was really worried about the pain when the nurses/surgeon were telling me about the op and i understand they have to tell you about the pain so you can be prepared but i just wanted anyone having this to know that i would say i’m a bit of a wimp so if i can cope so you can you.

Take care everyone.

Kaylou x

Hi Kaylou

Just read your post and profile. You are so young to have this!!
I am booked to have mastectomy & LD recon on the 25th may so you are 1 month ahead of me, so please keep us posted of your progress. When I had my WLE, my surgeon gave me a lovely linear scar but he refused to take the credit for it saying he believes it is the patients’ ability to heal. So you have obviously been eating all your greens!!

Your post was most reassuring regards healing and pain (or lack of it) and seeing as you had WLE and recon, you probably have a decent looking boob now.

Wish you all the best with your recovery x

Hi Kaylou,
Firstly, sorry for the delay in my reply. I am really glad to hear that the op went well and that you’re making a very good recovery. Your positivity is inspiring and the fact that you can reassure other women who may be worried about things is great.

Best wishes,