wle, snb and mammoplasty done!

Well I don’t know whether it was the echinea, selenium or the beroca which worked  enough for the cold but the anaesthetist  passed me  fit for op yesterday which was a mega relief!! 


Was delayed a bit  so didn’t  end up going down to after lunch, didnt feel to bad afterwards till I got up for the look which was about 20 minutes before hubby was coming you collect me at and felt pants. Everyone had said would be fine to go home but if any problems to say overnight , I ended up bring taken out in a wheelchair  with a sickbowl to the car an hour andhalf later organised by my very own nurse ratchet  who was as mad as a box of frogs, even my hubby was looking at her in a “what” way (the rest were lovely). Went straight to bed from the car.


Didn’t have a bad night and pain not to bad due to the couple of days  strong painkillers supplied by hospital  (lovely) and on first inspection  my lovely surgeon has done a grand job :slight_smile: just feel tired and washed out now.


Had the isotope injected into boob the day before  which was a bit stingy but nothing horrendous,  worst bit was getting out of the hospital  grounds  which took an hour due to being right next to motorway  roundabout which has reminded to ask if possible not to have radiotherapy at the end of the day as it only takes 15 mins to get from my house  to hospital otherwise!


Hugs to everyone and heres to 16 days of torturing myself about test results lol xxx


Glad it is over Helly. Rest up. Lou x

Hi Helly, Glad it’s all done and you are home. Have a nice rest, each day will get easier, take care xx

Hi Helly so good to hear from you and that it went well. Glad you got home the same day even if it was with sick bowl strapped to your chin. Rest up and make sure you’re looked after xx

Hi Helly, Glad you got the op outta way, my daughter in laws birthday today, I phoned her to wish her birthday greetings and said Id be round lqater, to which she replied my grandson aged 3 had stomache upset, I told her Id stick it all throu their letterbox, NO WAY was I risking catching something at this stage, especially as 3 consultants have to be together.Love Love Love the name, you had a NURSE RATCHET TOOOOOOOO, ha I bet she has sisters all over the place. Hope you feeling not to sore, I no 16 days is a long time, whos doing your results a lab in Timbuctoo, why 16 days?

Anyway Sending GENTLE hugs glad all done, for now, 

Be spoiled, Love Bloss XXX

Hi helly glad it’s all done and over. The waiting for results is the worst!! Get lots of rest and will keep everything crossed for positive news, Sarah xx

Thank you everyone,  I haven’t had time to think about anxiety and what ifs as I have been so blooming ill with a bad chest  and raging  (39/40) temp today is the first time apart from going  the docs I have been out of bed! Back to the immune boosting vits! 

Oh blooming heck that’s all you need. I have had a cough for a few weeks but no other symptoms. Took my dressing off tonight when I had a bath. Long scar across the right boob no nipple doesn’t bother me. Boob bruised but scar isn’t tender or inflamed and pain ok. A little numb under the arm but that’s about it Hope i get an appt for my results shortly. X

Hi lou, that’s a bit pants  still not having  a date  for your results! I knew the date before I left the hospital and got a letter confirming by he time yesterday. Hope you hear soon think I would ring if nothing comes through  tomorrow  x

Yes I was told to ring if I don’t hear within a week. X

Got appt for results 10th March back to the waiting game. Lou x

Lou , glad you now have a date, hope your brains not to overrun with what ifs and all the rest of it.  Will be thinking of you x

Thanks Helly. I am ok just praying for clear margins and no node involvement. X

Can I just ask if any of you who’ve had ops recently and went home without drains have been told to take your dressings off after a week and then don’t see anybody until your follow up? I’ve taken the pressure dressing off as per instructions and need to take the normal dressings off on Monday a week post op. I have dissolvable stitches so don’t see anybody until 16th for results. Have tried to get an appointment with nurse at gp practice as it’s very itchy and a bit whiffy. Sorry for the too much info bit. It doesn’t smell infected and there’s no pus or anything it smells like Maltesers which I know is very random. The only other ops I’ve had have been c sections and obviously you see the midwife at home anyway. Xx

I had lumpectomy and removal of sentinel nodes 22nd Feb and was told to remove dressings after a week. I had no problems other than taking a while to get rid of the sticky plaster residue. I have been using bio oil every night after a bath and my scars seem to be healing well especially the breast one which is right across my boob just above the nipple well the nipple I no longer have. I would get it checked out of your worried given no follow up till the 16th. My results appt is the 10th. Lou x

Thank you Lou. It just seemed odd not to see anybody sooner but it’s obviously the norm. I had a therapeutic mammoplasty so only have the one scar under my boob. It’s not causing any discomfort soreness wise. But I have had a reaction to the sticky stuff they used for the pressure dressing so thinking the itch is just transferred from there. All in all pain wise I think I’ve got off very lightly. If it doesn’t settle over the weekend now I’ve got the other dressings off ill contact the nurse on Monday. Good luck with results xx

Luckily didn’t have a pressure dressing. I think it is strange no follow up before results but ad you said it appears to be the norm. X

Hi Bottyboo, I went to the dressing clinic at the breast unit on Wednesday where they removed the dressing. They said it was just to check and make sure I was ok  (really can’t fault the treatment).  Have to say I think the surgeon is a genius! I am a 34 dd but a lost  a couple of stone  and most of the dd was left in the bottom bit of boob I lost it all from top which makes bra buying a nightmare. Obviously  there is a lot  of swelling which when it goes down the boob will be smaller but the only scaring  will be a very fine one around the nipple, haven’t had a boob this height since I were about 25 lol. Couldn’t visualise how he would do it and I do hope he doesn’t have to go in again.  I was just glad to be able to shower  properly as this bionsen  deodorant ain’t doing it for me have to say  lol xxxx