WLE + SNB Surgery 30th April - what to expect

Hi ladies


So yesterday I had 1.1cm  Grade 2 IDC confirmed, ER and PR +. 


Lumpectomy and SNB is scheduled for 30th and then depending on results will be Chemo and Rads or just rads. 


Im looking for an idea of what to expect from the surgery. I’ve been asked to go the afternoon before for the node markers? Seems they don’t use the blue dye here but a nuclear marker? Surgery is then the following day. I’ve been told I will stay in hospital 2 nights!!


The tumour is in right breast, 9 o’clock position, so the doctor said the incision will be around the nipple. 


Im looking for any similar experiences so I have a better idea of what to expect. I don’t speak much of the local language here and although most medical staff speak great English I’m sure some gets lost in translation!


I’ve bought some front button PJs for hospital and post surgery I’ve bought some non wired bras, anything else I should be thinking of getting? 


Appreciate any advice!





 I had a WLE and SNB in January. I had 23mm ER and PR positive tumour removed.

I went for blue dye injection the afternoon pre surgery and I had the nuclear marker insertion on the morning of surgery. Due to local policies both of these procedures were done in a different hospital to the actual lumpectomy. So I arrived at ward for op at 12md and was home for 7pm. As soon as I came around from anaesthetic I had tea toast and a wee ( not all at once?) then they sent me home.

There was very minimal discomfort in all procedures and I have never needed to take a painkiller during this whole treatment process ( I do know that I have been lucky though)

I was fine to potter around the next day ( but I milked it a bit and had a long lie in!) No sutures were used just Steristrips and dry dressings. I was allowed to shower but tried to keep dressings dry.

i wore a soft pull on crop top bra night and day for a week. 

I saw surgeon for check up 7 days post surgery for some results ( clear margins, clear glands) I did have an Oncotype test done on tumour but this result came 3 weeks post surgery.

I was very fortunate and just needed 15 rads which was uncomplicated ( just a little fatigue and skin redness) I hope you are as lucky as I have been but whatever the outcome you are in the right place here to find help and support. I wish you well on 30th. Let me know how it goes or if I can help in any way.

big hug


Hi, I had SNB and WLE for 2 cm IDC ER+ PR+ Her2-. I went in at 8, had a hook wire places, then to nuclear medicine for an injection and scan then off to theatre at 1230. I was back in the ward by 230 and home by 6. I woke up surprisingly fast and with very little discomfort. I slept well last night and have only needed paracetamol and ibuprofen for pain control. It has been far less difficult than I had imagined. Wishing you well on the 30th!