WLE & SNB - which Bras after treatment has finished

Hi ladies

Can anyone recommend a soft supportive bra to wear after treatment has finished? ( went braless all through rads) I am 10 days post Rads, went bra shopping on Saturday. John Lewis measured and sent me off with a Triumph bra - very uncomfortable - feels exremely tight and seams accross cups not helpful. (I was measured as a H cup!!! - don’t think that is right)

So went to M&S - bra fitting suspended cos of Corona virus - staff member was very helpful though pointing out supportive bras - found one which feels comfy for awhile but as it again has a seem cup the seam starts iritating my scar. Also it feels so weird having the band instead of underwires. Hoping to go back to work next week so need something comfortable - any suggestions please? ( scar runs verticle from lower breast up to my nipple)

Thanks ladies - hope you are all keeping well x

Hi Chelle

Well done on finishing your rads. I had the same trouble with bras whatever make I tried they just wasn’t comfortable. I’ve ended up with very cheap bras from Amazon. They go over your head with no seams, the band underneath is quite soft. They are the most comfortable I’ve found, they are extra cheap too, so they will do for now at least while I’m still sore from radiotherapy and can’t wear my normal underwired. I finished rads the week before you. Anyway try these bras if you don’t like them just send them back, they are by Simiya on Amazon and very cheap x

Hi, M&S do some comfy foam shaped bras that are v soft, seamless and adjustable. Although they have pockets for prosthesis they are also designed for lumpectomies etc as the shape evens out the breast. It also means you don’t have to be too exact about the size and can choose a larger size to avoid feeling it’s tight as the foam holds its shape. As we need them after surgery, if you tell the assistant this they will deduct VAT. It makes a real difference feeling comfortable! All the best to you x

M&S do a lovely soft bra, called flexibra I think. They are very comfortable but in the evening I swap to a stretchy bra top(not so supportive but very easy to wear) - I ordered them online. Hope you find something.

I’ve found the Tesco wire free bras really comfortable. High cotton content and cheap too!

Hi Chelle,

 I hope you have found a comfy bra. I had my mastectomy and reconstruction in March last year. I am still waiting for ‘tidy up’ surgery to even me up. It should have happened in April but unfortunately due to Covid it’s not essential surgery, I’m still trying to hold my breath with occasional wobbles. I have always struggled getting bras as I have a very small back and big cup size. My reconstructed side was always a bit bigger than the other side until now. My plastic surgeon said that the lingerie shops were putting me into too small a back size. I think this is quite common. Post surgery I went up 2 back sizes and down a few cup sizes. I was fortunate to be able to get a fitting at M&S. I have previously never liked their bras as they just didn’t fit an are not that flattering. However, until your body has recovered you need comfort and the t-shirt style moulded mastectomy bras are not too bad and give an good outwardly appearance when dressed. They are were soft and comfortable too. They are also cheaper than some of the sites which seem to be benefiting from this terrible fate of us. They also take off vat from the advertised price. I also bought bikini boost pads from Primark to even me out until I can get surgery. I hope this helps.


Also meant to mention primark for bralette style bras. Not much support but cheap and good for slouching about the house in comfort and have pockets. Xx

Also meant to mention primark for bralette style bras. Pack of 3 for around £10. Not much support but cheap and good for slouching about the house in comfort and have pockets. Xx


I ordered post surgery bras from M&S 

there so comfortable .

I bought some really comfortable non wired bras from sainsburys that actually have some shape too!

Super comfy particularly as my scar is across where wire would go on edge of my boob before. 

I’ve found bras online at both George at Asda and Tu (Sainsbury’s) to be supportive and good value. They both have a selection of non wired post-surgery bras and the front opening George one was recommended by my Breast care nurse. It’s like a sports bra, with a racer back so not suitable to wear under every style of top so I went for the non wired lacy version as an alternative. Not so supportive but suits my B cup. Hope this helps xx