WLE surgery

Hi lovely people

This my first post although I’ve been reading for a while.  Had routine mammogram 1 Feb 2021. Called in for follow up which happened 10 Feb. Mammogram showed calcification in linear pattern. First biopsy result 18 Feb was negative. The second taken 23 Feb was positive. Told DCIS 5 cm in left breast on 4 March 2021. Met with surgeon 11 March. Surgery, wide local excision, booked in for 7 April. Head has not stopped spinning. I’m 54, diagnosed with ms in 2005. Didn’t see this coming as no symptoms at all. Can anybody tell me what to expect with a WLE surgery and how to prepare? I live alone.  In case you’re wondering about WLE with 5cm DCIS I am a GG. Feeling a bit better now I have surgery date to plan for but not sure where to start. xx

Hi CoffeeFiend - a big welcome to this lovely forum, I’m really glad you found it and hope you will find lots of support and advice.

I had a mastectomy so I’m not the best to advise on a WLE, but I’m sure someone else will be along shortly. I can however, chat with you about anxiety and any practical questions if that helps at all - please feel free to ask anything.

I’m sure at the moment you feel like you have just been hit by a big bus that came out of nowhere, one you didn’t see coming. I know I felt like that when I was diagnosed - but like you somehow it got just a bit easier once I had a treatment plan in place. Try to take one day at a time at the moment and not let your mind race ahead. Chat about worries or concerns on here, or maybe call the lovely nurses on here if you have medical questions - their number is at the top of this page, or you can message them on the nurses’ board.

In terms of preparation I would suggest stocking up the freezer and getting some food deliveries booked, or line up some friends or neighbours to help you in the days after your operation when you will need to rest. For my mastectomy I was advised to get some front opening pyjamas as I couldn’t lift my arm above my head for a while - you could use shirts though. I think it’s the same for a WLE but someone else can probably answer this. You might not be able to easily wash your hair so perhaps invest in some dry shampoo. And most of all, make sure you have some treats planned - some nice box sets to watch, chocolate or your favourite food.

That’s just a short introduction, please feel free to ask any questions if you think I can help - or if I can help with navigating the forum at all. Sending big hugs, Evie xx

Dear Coffee friend

I would reiterate what Evie has said. 

Firstly…breathe…you’ve got this.

I had surgery 6 months ago, and had to have  a bit more than a WLE due to the location, but on the whole it was manageable. 

Mentally though, it was a big shock, so I would say, take this time for you, look after yourself, and muster all the friends and family to be around. I was on my own too.  I found it useful to have those that I could blub to and talk about my diagnosis and fears, and also those who I could talk about anything but breast cancer too, for some normality. 

This forum has been really helpful too - the ladies on here just “get it”. 

I would also say you can ask your BC nurse all the questions and you hopefully will be given further info packs about your specific surgery and what to expect. Do read those as it helps to be able to take on the information at your own leisure. You are also likely to have a pre op assessment before surgery where they discuss the anaesthetic. 

Have they talked about follow up treatment to you yet - drugs/radiotherapy etc? 

Do keep in touch, and if you have any questions, just ask. 

Take care and big virtual hugs X 


i hope your operation went well and you don’t have too much pain, I had WLE with axillary clearance on 29th March just three weeks after my screening, I hope you have some good support as it must be hard living on your own, please feel free to private message me if you ever need a chat, take things easy, i’ve Been lucky and not had to much pain, but I did have a seroma that I had to have drained, take care