WLE tomorrow...what is best to wear?

Not a Gok Wan question just wondered am I best wearing a stretchy jumper or a shirt? I have a jumper that I can comfortably get in and out of without lifting my arm much.
I have to go to one hospital to have a wire inserted then another hospital 15 miles away for the surgery. How uncomfortable am I going to be? Getting a bit apprehensive now.
Nikki x

Hi Nikki , I wore a lose tunic top, didn’t have any problem putting It back on with help from hubby afterwards including a tight vest top underneath instead of my bra and you won’t be in any major pain, the actual area the lump was removed from was pretty painless it was the node removal that was more uncomfortable as it’s in the crease of your arm but was still not what I would call painful to move.

its really not a horrendous op, and I was on my way home a few hours later feeling pretty euphoric that it was all over, good luck! Xx 

Phew thanks Jobey, happy to hear not too painful. I will be glad to get it over with now. Xx

Ooh excellent it’s sounding better all the time! Xx

Thanks Optimissy…someone at work had the same and warned me I’m going to feel rotten for 3 weeks and my GP said 3 weeks so you think the worst. I will be sleeping without fretting now. Will let you know how it goes tomorrow. How long after the surgery did you start radiotherapy? And are you taking tamoxifen, I’ve been told I have to take it and quite honestly more concerned about the side effects of that than I am the surgery. Xx

Just seen your query re the wire. I too had the wire in at one hospital on the morning, and then a 9 mile trip to the next hospital for the op itself. I was concerned that the wire would move or something but it doesn’t - they tape it over and it doesn’t move around. You are obviously aware of it, but once it’s in it isn’t painful as such. I did take 2 paracetamol in advance of the wire procedure in case it hurt, making sure I observed the “no eating or drinking” restriction as i am a wuss about all thing mammographic and i think it helped me, even if it was only as a placebo. xx

…funny you should say that, I have put some painkillers out to take early in the morning :slight_smile:

So I think I’m set…loose jeans, vest top, baggy jumper and slip on shoes. Have purged on a banana and a chocolate bar right before bed in lieu of no breakfast. Expecting it to all go smoothly despite being in two hospitals and going home in very little pain hopefully to a glass of wine. Thanks ladies I will let you know how it goes :)x



I took a non wired soft well fitting bra, sandels with velcro straps and a blouse so that it was easy to get my arm in and a coat but it was October when i had mine and it was a bit chilly.


The wire insertion I found really easy, and after the first 24 hours was fine again and starting my exercises


Good luck for tomorrow and let us know when you can how you got on


Helena xxx

Hi Mama,
I also found the whole wle experience quite straightforward. Apart from some soreness, it was not particularly painful & the 2 nodes were removed through the same incision, so now armpit incision. Paracetamol
or co-codamol was fine for any discomfort & after a couple of days lazing around & watching netflix, I felt pretty much back to normal.
I was also signed off for 3 weeks post op, which is probably quite standard, but felt quite well throughout.
Just see how you go with tamoxifen, I’ve been fine on it & many of us are. If side effects are an issue, then deal with it then.
ann x

Thanks Helena…I have bought a couple of sports bras and couple of post surgery bras and they are comfy. Xx

I’m scuppered and I’m no food from midnight and cup of water before 6am. My belly will be protesting! Xx

My GP has signed an amended hours/duties till end October but probably playing safe as I only had gynae surgery 5 weeks ago so probably thinks I need it. I can work for shorter periods from my laptop at home so it won’t be so bad.
Chat later…thanks everyone, here we go! Xx

Hi all…I’ve had my surgery, it went well…eventually. The machine they use to put the guide wire in broke down after the first lady and I was second! So they decided I would be guinea pig for their brand new upgrade that they hadn’t had full training on yet but luckily for me both the engineer and the trainer were there to make it seamless. I was so relieved as the alternative was a cancelled surgery. Was in there 3 hrs instead of 1/2 an hr then across to next town for surgery and down to theatre within the hour. Took a bit longer than I was expecting at just over 1 1/2hrs and I was in quite a bit of pain and still am tonight. My wonderful surgeon said she took more than we originally thought and had to do something to the muscle so the pain is perfectly understandable. I was on the same day surgery unit as I was when I badly slipped a disc last summer and spent nearly two weeks in there as no ortho beds. One of the staff Lucy that really took care of me last year did so again today. I cannot fault a single one of them, they were all fantastic.
Surgeon said she removed a sphere about the size of my index finger, wider in the middle and pulled fatty tissue from above and below to soften out the indent. It is black and blue and a peculiar sight and clearly a lot smaller especially when the swelling eases. My nipple is currently facing my underarm! BUT it is over until the results come through in 2-3 weeks. Then will pray she removed clear margins and think about radiotherapy.
Tonight I’m wondering how on earth you sleep as no position that I normally sleep in is comfortable. I’m afraid I’ve sent hubby to spare room so I can figure it out.
They said to rest properly until I get my results appointment. Xx

I’ve had a rubbish night, barely slept, fainted when I got up in the night and in pain. I can’t take antiinflammatories or codeine so I’m on paracetamol and Tramadol. I’m sure the Tramadol contribute to the bad nights sleep.
Each time the nurses checked it I looked away but the surgeon made me look at it when she explained what she did to me and my husband. A large chunk of the dressing is clear, she told me before the op this would be the case. I wasn’t given any exercises to do, I did think that was a bit odd but only thought that when I got home. Xx

Thanks Helena I have requested a copy, I can touch my shoulders and hands behind the bottom of my back but anything else is a no no today.
Nikki xx

Hi Optimissy that’s sweet of you. I had a good nights sleep, woke at 7 in agony (I think I must have turned on it) took some more painkillers and slept another 3 hours. I’m definitely feeling brighter today, going to get in the shower, get dressed and put my face on! All of which I couldn’t be bothered with yesterday. Still quite a bit of swelling and bruising.
Nikki xx

Hi Helena
I’m a bit cross I wasn’t given the exercises information when I came out of hospital. The only aftercare was that i can shower from day 2 but keep my back to the shower and take the dressing off at day 7 or go to Breast Care unit or GP to do it if I didn’t want to. I lifted a full kettle last night with my right hand (left boob done) and could really feel it, think I will avoid that for a few more days.
Nikki xx

At pre-assessment I was told I needed to wear post-op or sports bras probably until results 2/3wks after. Yes very lucky to have waterproof dressings, I have just managed a shower and hair wash all by myself YIPPEE and put a hidden bra vest top on but it isn’t enough support so think I might try a sports bra shortly. Will try 6 hourly with pills today and still rest.
Nikki xx

I agree totally but I think it happens so quickly it’s easy for things to be missed but discharge info is simple and so is the bra issue at pre op stage. I’m sure the nurse that did my pre op went home feeling like she had a bad day with me. She mentioned about the bras just as she was showing me out and I said I had a job getting an F cup. She said I don’t have that problem and I said neither will I soon! Oops! X