I had a WLE on Thursday this week not well after the op but getting better, the thing is I can`t stop crying did not feel at all this way when told I had cancer but its all I think about now and just keep bursting into tears is this normal or am I going mad Help

I did that too and it was partly of cancer thoughts but also The effects of the general anaesthetic. Made me v tearful for days! Don’t underestimate it. Be kind and gentle to yourself and cry if you need to. Your body had just had big shock emotionally and now physically. Take care.



Just wanted to say that I know exactly how you’re feeling Terri. I had a WLE on Tuesday and was a tearful mess on Wednesday. It was definitely my lowest day so far. Vickie is so right about it being partly due to the effects of general anaesthetic. Also, for me, four days on from my op, I still feel swollen and have arm numbness from the removal of four nodes. Hopefully, we’ll feel much better soon.



Hi Terri

You’re not going mad. I burst into tears when I came round in the recovery room and felt how much tissue had been removed and I feel like I’ve been dissolving into tears on and off ever since, and that was in July. BC is a VERY emotional thing to deal with, it’s not like finding a lump on your arm which you can just sort out.

But on the bright side, you WILL soon feel better, and you will feel more positive, if not all of the time.

Take care
Sarah x

i too have cried, and not when you expect it ie immediately after diagnosis. i had a WLE in July and a mx 2 weeks ago and the tears have come at stupid o’clock, i even woke up crying and think for a while these tears will hit you at unexpected times so be gentle on yourself

Love Louise

My tears are of joy thinking the end is near (hopefully) when i first started to use this site i was so enveious of woman who was comng to the end of chemo and surgery then rads i thought it will never reach the end for me it seemed a milestone for me but im nearly there

It’s such a traumatic thing to undergo both physically and emotionally. I had a WLE in June and cried a lot (I still do sometimes); I’m just finishing radiotherapy.

It does get better. As Vickie and others have said, be kind to yourself if you can (I know it’s not always easy), and cry when you need to.

I hope you feel better very soon.


Hi Terri

Please feel free to call our helpline for further support in addition to the wonderful help you have here, it may help to use a listening ear of someone in confidence. The number to call is 08080 800 6000, weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Thank you to everyone for there positive comments
I am glad im not going mad I hardly cried at all when I was told I had BC but after the op I think it me hard but its good to no im not alone with the crying. I seem to start at the silliest things.
I go back to the BC clinic on the 8th Oct so will find out then what further treatment I will need. Once again thank you to all you lovely people out there

best wishes for the 8th i go on the 6th fingers and toes crossed for us both

Hi Elaine,
I have every thing crossed for you, please let me know how it goes.
Think of you.