Wockhardt Tamoxifen 20mg back in stock at the manufacturer

had an email from them this morning 


Thank you for writing to us. We are back in stock of Tamoxifen 20mg and Tamoxifen 10mg will be available towards end April. Not sure which strength you are taking but if it is 20mg, you can contact your Pharmacy and they should be able to order from their wholesalers for you. If they are struggling to find, ask them to call our customer service on 01978 669215 and we can guide them to correct wholesalers.

Shashank Kamble
OTC & Customer Relations Manager
Wockhardt UK Ltd
Ash Road North
Wrexham Industrial Estate
Wrexham LL13 9UF

Testrix - thank you very much for sharing this, really good to know. Evie xx