Women Living Alone Without Close Support

For some months now, I had been thinking about starting  a thread such as this.

we have heard from several single, widowed or childless women who are travelling this path alone…

i do have a partner, but no children and have at times felt quite alone. So here is a thread where any ladies who feel a bit like I sometimes do, can share and get support if they wishx

much love, Moijan???

Moijan this is a lovely idea. I cannot imagine how difficult life would be without my family.


hugs to all


What a lovely idea Moijan…

I am still waiting for results /diagnosis…even though I have a great family around me, I do not want to discuss or anticipate things with them.  I want to protect them. 

So this thread will help not only those who have no immediate family, but those of us who have , but prefer to talk to friends here, who have more info, more experience than our family and are not directly emotionally involved.  My daughter is a total wreck.  Today, I opened the microwave door a bit earlier than planned i.e. Set it for 3 minutes but opened the door at 2.30 minutes.  OMG she went bananas…Mum, move away from the door , you’re catching all the radiation…I had to laugh, but I was also annoyed. I know she cares   but this is taking it to another level.  And I didn’t want the grandkids to hear about it. My sons are more calm and collected


Anyway, Moijan, this is a good way to assure ‘lone fighters’ that they are not alone and there an army of us behind them.


love and thanks xx

Well, thank you ladies, I hope the thread will be useful for people I have never said this before but I often find myself envying those on other threads who talk about their children or a new grandchild - I have neither and that can be pretty lonely . I have a long term partner who I don’t share my illness with as he is on a different wavelength.

I have read posts from ladies who do live alone, no partner, no children or much family about and a few of those have been in touch by pm with me in the past, so I’m convinced that there are silent readers( as there are,on most threads) who are feeling very alone and may not feel they have a lot in common with us.
Much love to all,

Thank you Barton,


I dont really have many family and none who I feel comfortable asking for support…


.it is  lovely to hear about the other ladies lives on the forum…sometimes tho, I feel envious that most of them have children/grandchildren in their lives and to be able to chat things over with.  I suppose thats how life goes…


i find my friends are quite supportive tho.





Morning ladies. 

Miojan, I think it is a great idea starting this thread, I can’t imagine how tough it must be for some people who don’t have that support or who feel alone in what is already a very scary sometimes isolating place to be in.

Hugs Janette xxx

Yes…from my own perspective…every now and then, I get. some new issue(as do many of us) which reminds me that one day I might be less mobile or much more ill than I currently am…and thats really scary…


…to maybe have to depend on strangers to get to appointments or even up in the morning…its all well and good whilst we can get around ourselves.


some people might be stuck in a bad relationship AND have cancer!, that must be pretty tough too.


much love, Moijanx





brilliant , I often think of women and men with no full-time carer to support . makes me shudder. love to all xxxxxxx

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Yes…people can be unsupported in many ways…I have a partner, but we have endless rows…might be better on my own .

Hi, I am single woman and have been living with cancer since 2008.
It has been hard, to say the least. Finding support has been the most difficult aspect, from the beginning. Coincidentally, finding a local secondary support group has been extremely helpful.
I find it difficult to ask my siblings for support, they live far away and have their own busy lives. I have also spent most of my life trying to be independent. I find myself feeling isolated and alone. Having a local friend who’s been diagnosed with another disease is helpful and we support each other. And I also find staff at my local hospice very helpful and kind. From my appearance, it is not obvious how ill I am.
I would find it difficult to live with others when I am unwell, because being supportive is not an easy task. I try to minimise what I tell my family, however, by this I mean my parents and siblings… In the beginning, I expected help and support from them and felt very hurt when it did not come about. My expectations were unrealistic. Having married and had children of their own, my siblings were not thinking of me in the same way as I was of them. We had a brother who had been disabled, and I had spent a lot of time caring for him. So for many reasons I felt let down by the family. However, things have changed and I have learned from this experience. Where we find help and support from, is an unexpected and continually evolving situation as we all need to love and be loved, through out life.

This is a good idea…

Hello celia
Welcome to this thread and hopefully you will feel not so alone with the ladies here …it’s true cancer is a very lonely place …especially if you are having treatment and need to swear and rant at someone!!
Also …if people can’t see anything like lime green spots or two heads …they don’t really understand you are ill from the inside !!
Lucky enough …I have support around me but just wanted to welcome you to the forum …stay with us .
Hugs xxx

Hi, and thank you for your warm welcome.
I find it so hard being out and about in public. I have had comments from men. Who think that I am in ‘transition’ or changing my gender, due to having one breast and facial hair! I have to laugh, otherwise I will cry. And getting a disabled seat on the bus, or at the library, having a ’ hidden’ disability is so difficult. My left lung gets filled with fluid and I cannot breath properly…it is all so difficult. But battling through life one day at a time, brings through the rewards at the end of the day, I am still alive.

Hi Celia

How are things going now? I too find it hard only having one breast ( I have a prosthesis but a big dip in my chest which is not really covered by the bra on that dude, so not a good cleavage and helpful bras hard to find
Shame as I always used to enjoy my bras and hoicking up my boobs pre illness.

Hope things are ok with you