Women Over 80

Older women with stage 4 in bones


Lynn :heart: sorry you find yourself here, please do call the number on here if you can and use the someone like me option :heart: also there will be forum members who will reach out to you here :two_women_holding_hands: breast cancer now and everyone is here :two_women_holding_hands::two_hearts::two_hearts::sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx


Dear Lynn,

I would like to wish you well, take good care of yourself, we are all here to support you, keep posting to let us know how you getting on.

The cancer nurses on this site will be able to point you in the right direct they are extremely knowledgeable and kind, please call them if you feel you would like to chat.

Health and happiness going forward

Hugs Tili :rainbow::pray::rainbow::pray:


Welcome to the forum @lynn-1941,
We hope you find the forum really helpful and supportive. I’m sure others will get in touch and I hope you find other members to chat and discuss things with. In the meantime please know that our nurses are here for you any time, here on the forum on the Ask our Nurses your questions or over the phone 0808 800 6000.
Best wishes,

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