Women's hour this morning

Good discussion on women’s hour this morning about how doctors break the news that you have cancer. Didn’t catch the name of the woman speaking about her experience of being told she had breast cancer but she really spoke well and gave BCC a couple of good plugs!!

You’ll find your answer on this thread! :wink:

I was busy being radiated this morning at 10.00, can anyone post a link to Alison’s piece?



This edition should be available for a week, plus it might be part of the weekly highlights on Saturday. I can’t tell you how far in it is (10-15 mins?), but you can drag the indicator along until you hear it, then a back a bit to get the first if you need to.


Hello, it was me that spoke this morning! I think the link should go ‘live’ this afternoon. It’s the first item on the programme, so not too much shuffling to do.

I want to hear it, too!


Thank you mezzomamma!


Thanks Mezzomamma and Alison - just listened to it. You sounded great Alison and so too did Dr Waxman. So pleased you were able to give BCC a plug they really deserve it.

Alison thought you were great on the radio this morning well done you x x